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Prog 1

Prog 2053

Prog 2055

Prog 2184

2000AD PROG 2054

COVER DATE: 25th October, 2017

Price: 0 pence Earth money
Cover: Absalom by Tiernen Trevallion



Terminal Diagnosis: Book One 8 episodes (Progs 2053 to 2060) 40 pages
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Tiernen Trevallion, Letters: Ellie De Ville

Judge Dredd

Lord of the Fyreflies 1 episode (Prog 2054) 6 pages
Script: Rory McConville, Artist: Mike McMahon, Colour: Chris Blythe, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Indigo Prime

A Dying Art 9 episodes (Progs 2050 to 2058) 55 pages
Script: John Smith (1-2), Kek-W (3-9), Artist: Lee Carter, Letters: Simon Bowland

Sinister Dexter

Aztec Cameraderie 3 episodes (Progs 2054 to 2056) 15 pages
Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Steve Yeowell, Colour: John Charles, Letters: Ellie De Ville


Archon 11 episodes (Progs 2050 to 2060) 72 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Simon Davis, Letters: Ellie De Ville
Last episode double length.

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