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How much is Prog 1 worth? Where can I buy it? Who can I sell to? Find the answers here...
Artwork and strips from Squaxx dek Thargo. Please send contributions to this section to


Spread the Word! by Lee Robson
Everything you could want to know about The ABC Warriors, Nemesis and Ro-Busters is right here. Profiles, prog checks, series historys and a whole lot more - Spread The Word!
2000AD Review by Gavin Hanly
An unofficial site devoted to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. Weekly synopses and reviews of the latest issues, plus exclusive creator interviews, news, features and more.
The 2000AD Links Project by Wakefield and Mechanismo
The largest collection of 2000AD and Judge Dredd links on the Internet
Psi-Judge Delaney by Patti C
The adventures of a Psi Judge in John Caliber's Judge Dredd Street Sim
ABC Warriors Team Fortress by Mike Wills
Home page for UK Teamfortress classic clan, the ABC Warriors. We're a fairly new clan but we're good and are hoping to spread the word in next seasons uktfc league!
The Justice Department by Dan Kelly
Rebellion sanctioned Judge team for the City of Heroes MMORPG
Termight by Wakefield Carter
My main 2000AD fan site. Some pages have been copied to the official site, but others are still waiting in the wings.
Mega City Tours by Will Crites
Three things to remember while you're a visitor in MC-1...
  • Have Fun
  • Tell Your Friends
  • and You've Never Seen Me
2000AD The Matrix by Justin Smith
Fan site detailing Prog details, and Thrill Database crosslinked...
The Prog 534 Club webpage by Oddboy
Ever been fed-up of reading 2000AD input letters to Tharg saying "I've been reading since prog one and..."? Those Prog 1ers are elitest drokkers and so here's your chance at some elitest payback!