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2000 AD Character Meeples

Judge Dredd buckle

Blake's 7 Federation badge


As 2000AD's most popular character, Judge Dredd deserves a zone all to himself.

An overview of the reigns of Mega-City Chief Judges
Cutaways of Judge Dredd's equipment.
Maps from the Future.
A timeline from the world of Judge Dredd.
How to build a Judge Dredd costume (Stallone version), by Kevin Goldsmith


the brian bolland cover gallery by Chris Hanks
An extensive collection of Brian's artwork. Offline
Termight Replicas by Wakefield Carter
Full scale licensed replica Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper weapons and equipment.
I invented Judge Dredd by BBC News
To mark the 25th anniversary of 2000AD, writer John Wagner recalls in our weekly Real Time series how he came up with the comic's ruthless lawman, Judge Dredd.
The Art of Mike McMahon by Simon Gurr
Contains examples of Mick's work, comments from other artists, interviews, etc.
Dredd vs Death
The official website for Rebellion's Judge Dredd computer game
Gibson Studios by Ian Gibson
Halo Jones, RoboHunter, Anderson Psi Division plus a peek at some new projects.
The Official 2000AD RPG Website by Mongoose Publishing
The central resource on the Internet for games based on the world famous comic strip
Judge Pal Hotline by 2000AD Online
Are you a peeper? Rat on that rat!
Psi-Judge Delaney by Patti C
The adventures of a Psi Judge in John Caliber's Judge Dredd Street Sim
Judge Dredd - Lawman of the Future by h2g2
Judge Dredd's entry in the BBC's h2g2 database
The Justice Department by Dan Kelly
Rebellion sanctioned Judge team for the City of Heroes MMORPG
The Briefing Room by Mark Cummins
The Briefing Room hosts new material for the Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game, including extracts from the Judge Dredd RPG Mailing List and the M.A.C. Online program.