2000AD-L started on 3.3.1998 to serve the needs of spam-free discussion among the 2000AD's leading professionals and readers with any form of Internet and e-mail access. Unfortunately, it died on 12.11.1999, along with a large number of other lists on Blair Anderson's server.

However, all was not lost. A different 2000AD list ( was started on 7.20.1999 and saw a surge in its usage as a direct result. was taken over by, which in turn was taken over by Yahoo! Groups but the list hasn't changed.

Everyone is entitled to join and provides an alternative to alt.comics.2000ad.

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How do I join?

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send an email message to:


In order to make 2000AD-L a pleasant and exciting forum for discussion for every 2000AD reader around the world, certain guidelines have been developed to make posting and reading much more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Subject matter: This list is for the discussion of anything related to 2000AD (and other magazines from the same stable such as Starlord, Tornado and Crisis), Judge Dredd, Eagle (both incarnations) and Dan Dare. However, most of the conversation seems to focus on Judge Dredd as seen in Fleetway publications.
  2. Harrassment: Do not harass or demean any subscriber within the list. Excessive vulgar language is unacceptable.
  3. Binaries: Please do not send binary files directly to the list! Binaries can be uploaded to the files area.
  4. Quoting: Only quote a minimum of the text that you are replying to. Cut out as much as you can to stop everyone having to read through the same text over and over again.
  5. HTML: Please use plain text only for your messages. HTML is usually difficult to decipher on most varying e-mail software. Hence, no HTML.
  6. Classifieds: Advertisements relevant to 2000AD are permitted (which include but are not limited to sale of back progs, creator appearances at conventions or stores, related fanzines, etc.). Anything with M*rvel are prohibited. However, the best place to sell is the Classifieds. To advertise 2000AD-related events, your best bet is the Message Board.
  7. Spoilers: If you want to post spoilers containing story details or plot developments, then please place the text Spoiler or SW in the subject header to indicate them. Then place another warning within the message before proceeding.
  8. Off topic: A certain amount of off-topic conversation is inevitable. However, please keep it to a minimum and start the header with OT: If your email is really just to one other person on the list then send them a private email instead.
  9. Tests: We cannot stress this enough. Please refrain from sending futile test messages to the list. If there is a problem, it will be rectified as soon as possible by the list administrator.
  10. Activity: If there have already been a lot of messages on a particular day, think twice before posting any more. If the daily digest is too long it is more difficult for those subscribers to read. This is especially true for off topic messages.

2000AD Mail List Abbreviations

Commonly used phrases and text.

BTW By The Way
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
IIRC If I Remember Clearly
IMO In My Opinion
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
Ob2000AD an obligatory 2000AD-related comment tacked onto the end of an otherwise off-topic posting
OT Off Topic
SW Spoiler Warning
2kAD 2000AD
2kLP The 2000AD Links Project
DD Dan Dare
FFTV Fleetway Film and Television
JD Judge Dredd
Meg Judge Dredd Megazine
SD Strontium Dog or Sinister Dexter
Si Simon Fraser
TMO The Mighty One (Tharg)

Advertising Abbreviations
When advertising relevant items on the list, please use the following prefixes in the subject header.

FA For Auction (or denote specific sites such as eBay)
FS For Sale
WTB Want to Buy
WTT Want to Trade

British English Idioms and Colloquialisms
The majority of list subscribers are directly British, British-educated, or of such descent, so therefore you may encounter several of these words in the messages otherwise known as Britishisms. This will only cover words used frequently on the list.

British term Standard meaning/translation
addy e-mail address or homepage url
bollocks rubbish (ex: That's utter bollocks!)
cheers goodbye (ex: Cheers, mate.)
cinema a movie theatre
"I dinnae kin" (Scottish) "I don't know"
newsagent newsstand selling periodicals such as 2000AD, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers
pants 1. female undergarments
2. used as a light insult (ex: This week's prog is pants.)
piccies pictures, images
porkie from Cockney rhyming slang 'porkie pie' - an untrue statement; a lie
(Cockney: Stop smellin' yer porkie pies - Standard: Stop telling your lies.)
post mail or mailbox (ex: I received the late issue of the Megazine in the post today.)
postie postmaster; the person who delivers your mail (ex: The bloody postie bent my 2000AD, mummy!)
prog program(me); weekly issues of 2000AD
"Stop Press!" insertion of late-developing news in a publication as it is being printed
Ta thanks
"Watch this space" stay tuned; coming soon
WH Smith a popular bookstore chain in the UK (ex: My local WH Smith usually stocks the latest comics on time.)

European date formats are expressed as day/month/year. For instance, 31 January, 2000 or 31/1/00.

Other Mail Lists - Dan Dare and Eagle - Judge Dredd RPG - Judge Dredd CCG - For 2000AD writers and wannabes. - For 2000AD artists and wannabes. - For collectors of British comic artwork. - For the Judge Dredd fanzine/club, 'The Class of '79'. - For writers and artists for the 2000AD-based small press comic, 'Zarjaz'. - Alan Moore & ABC Comics - Comics 2000 festival - Speculative Fiction Graphic Novels.

Yahoo! Clubs (similar to Yahoo! Groups but a different interface)

All of the following clubs are quieter than the groups above.

The Academy of Law - Chat about Judge Dredd and 2000AD
The Galaxys greatest Comic - A club For 2000AD the Comic
Judge Dredd CCG - Discussion of the Dredd CCG game.
Ultimate Thrill Power 2000AD - A Place put aside for the Galaxy's greatest Comic
Milestone Grimjack Judge Dredd - Only partly about 2000AD

Dan Dare and Eagle 1950's Comic - Place to talk about Dan Dare, and Eagle