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Check out the latest Prog and Megazine, and rediscover classic covers from the 2000 AD and Megazine archives.

Full credit details for 2000AD Progs
Full credit details for Judge Dredd Megazines.
Profiles for annuals, specials and related publications.
Profiles for 2000AD spinoff toys and figures
From space spinners to CD-ROMs
Classic covers from the 2000 AD vaults.


Rogue Trooper The Game
Official website
2000AD Review by Gavin Hanly
An unofficial site devoted to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. Weekly synopses and reviews of the latest issues, plus exclusive creator interviews, news, features and more.
Dredd vs Death
The official website for Rebellion's Judge Dredd computer game
Wargames Foundry
Makers of 28mm lead miniatures
The Official 2000AD RPG Website by Mongoose Publishing
The central resource on the Internet for games based on the world famous comic strip
Mongoose Publishing by Sandrine Thirache
Mongoose Publishing holds an exclusive licence to produce role-playing products based on the 2000AD comic strips.
Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet is Europe's leading on-line cult retailer with best prices for Action Figures, Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga, SF & Fantasy Books, Toys and Vinyl Toys.
The Grand Comic-Book Database
The IMDB for comics, complete with cover scans and contents details.
Memento by Bryan Talbot
Memento is a full colour, "silent" 12 page comic story by Bryan Talbot, to be published in Prog 2002. You can read it online here.
Black Flame
Publishers of 2000 AD related novels including numerous Judge Dredd, Durham Red, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, Strontium Dog and many more!
Tharg's 2000 AD Trailers
A new way to find out about upcoming stories
Robert Harrop
Makers of cold cast hand painted statuettes.
Big Finish by Big Finish Productions
Producer of audio CD adventures.
Red Alert! by Wakefield Carter and Robin Lees
Tactics and codes based on the free gift given with 2000AD Prog 3. by Todd George
Details about various pinball machines, including the 1993 Judge Dredd from Bally