2000AD: 35
Megazine: 4
Extras: 77
Fanzines: 3
Online: 3

2000AD: 23
Extras: 29
Star Scans: 26

Artwork: 1



The Smith Family - Death Bug (2000AD Annual 1978) 8 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Horacio Lalia
Cannibalised from an abortive series devised for the weekly.

Final Vision (2000AD Annual 1979)
Script: Unknown
Text story.

Jump into Hell! (2000AD Annual 1979)
Script: Unknown
Text story.

The First Fatal Blow (2000AD Annual 1979)
Script: Unknown
Text story.

A Serious Case for Treatment (2000AD Annual 1979)
Script: Unknown, Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Text cover story.

Bang! Bang! said the Green Cheese Man! (2000AD Annual 1981)
Script: Unknown
Text story

The Burning Man (2000AD Yearbook 1994) 6 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Judge Dredd Megazine 300

Smokeman (Beyond 2000AD ) 118 pages
2000AD Annual 1981

To serve and protect (Crisis 21 to 21)
Script: Floyd Jones-Hughes, Artist: Floyd Jones-Hughes

The Geek (Crisis 22 to 22)
Script: Mal Coney, Artist: Jim McCarthy

Angels amongst us (Crisis 28 to 28)
Script: Philip Bond, Artist: Philip Bond

The student Konstabel (Crisis 28 to 28)
Script: Phillip Swarbrick, Artist: Phillip Swarbrick

Her parents (Crisis 31 to 31)
Script: Mark Millar, Artist: John McCrea

The clicking of high heels (Crisis 32 to 32)
Script: Sarah Bramley-Anderson, Artist: Floyd Jones-Hughes

Two pretty names (Crisis 33 to 33)
Script: Si Spencer, Artist: Phil Laskey

Feedback (Crisis 34 to 34)
Script: Al Davison, Artist: Al Davison

Squirrels in Carroll Street (Crisis 34 to 34)
Script: Floyd Jones-Hughes, Artist: Floyd Jones-Hughes
Will Simpson assist

Didn't you love my brother? (Crisis 35 to 35)
Script: Tony Allen, Artist: David Hine

The unusual obsession of Mrs Orton (Crisis 36 to 36)
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Phillip Swarbrick

Banged up (Crisis 37 to 37)
Script: Jack Blackburn, Artist: David Lloyd

A day in the life (Crisis 39 to 39)
Script: Igor Goldkind, Artist: Glenn Fabry

A kind of madness (Crisis 39 to 39)
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Sean Phillips

Murky waters (Crisis 40 to 40)
Script: James Robinson, Artist: Tony Salmons

Felicity (Crisis 47 to 47)
Script: Chris Standley, Artist: Peter Doherty

Straightgate (Crisis 50 to 50)
Script: John Smith, Artist: Sean Phillips

Your death my life (Crisis 50 to 50)
Script: Milo Manara, Artist: Milo Manara

No messing with Rupert (Crisis 50 to 50)
Script: Carlos Sampayo, Artist: Oscar Zarate

Sinner (Crisis 55 to 55)
Script: Carlos Sampayo, Artist: Jose Munoz

Passing through (Crisis 55 to 55)
Script: M Prado, Artist: Miguelanxo Prado

The general and the priest (Crisis 55 to 55)
Script: Igor Goldkind, Artist: Jim Baikie

Up on the roof (Crisis 57 to 57)
Script: David Hine, Artist: David Hine

Russia: the tragedy and the farce (Crisis 57 to 57)
Script: Tony Allen

Lovebite (Crisis 58 to 58)
Script: Steve Tanner, Artist: Pete Venters

Rainbow café (Crisis 58 to 58)
Script: Simon Harrison, Artist: Simon Harrison

Lord Jim (Crisis 59 to 59)
Script: Igor Goldkind, Artist: Steve Sampson

Out come the freaks (Crisis 60 to 60)
Script: Alan McKenzie, Artist: Oscar Zarate

Unlikely stories mostly: Endgame (Crisis 60 to 60)
Script: Miguelanxo Prado, Artist: Miguelanxo Prado

Light me (Crisis 61 to 61)
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Phil Winslade

Worms (Crisis 62 to 62)
Script: David Hine, Artist: David Hine

Strange hotel (Crisis 62 to 62)
Script: Si Spencer, Artist: Adrian Dungworthy

The body snatchers (Crisis 62 to 62)
Script: Ian Abbinnett, Artist: Andrew Currie

Waddle on the wild side (Crisis 62 to 62)
Script: Al Davison, Artist: Al Davison

Charlie lives with Fang and Snuggles (Crisis 62 to 62)
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Ian Oldham

The big voice (Crisis 63 to 63)
Script: Nick Abadzis, Artist: Edmund Perryman

commuters journey (Crisis 63 to 63)
Script: Nick Abadzis, Artist: Nick Abadzis

Operation Massacre (Crisis 63 to 63)
Script: F & G solano Lopez, Artist: F & G solano Lopez

Shok! (Judge Dredd Annual 1981) 7 pages - Read Online
Script: Steve MacManus and Kevin O'Neill, Artist: Kevin O'Neill, Letters: Tony Jacob
This story was used as the basis for the film Hardware.
2000AD Prog 612
Quality: Judge Dredd (Volume 2) 35, Colour: Unknown

Culling Crew (Judge Dredd Mega Special 1994) 16 pages
Script: Dave Stone, Artist: Steve Sampson, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Sumos and Sporrans (Judge Dredd Mega Special 1994) 16 pages
Script: Robbie Morrison, Artist: David Millgate, Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Judge Inspector Inaba

Memento (2000AD Prog 2002) 12 pages
Script: Bryan Talbot, Artist: Bryan Talbot
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