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2000AD PROG 541

COVER DATE: 26th September, 1987

Price: 28 pence Earth money
Cover: Stan Lee by Barry Kitson


Judge Dredd

The Return of Death Fist 2 episodes (Progs 540 to 541) 17 pages
Script: John Wagner/Alan Grant, Artist: Barry Kitson
Featuring: Dredd^s rematch with Stan Lee. Dredd wins!
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 11
Titan: Judge Dredd Chronicles Book 27
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection Target: Judge Dredd

Mean Team

Return of the Mean Team 15 episodes (Progs 525 to 541) 59 pages
Script: Alan Hebden, Artist: Massimo Belardinelli, Letters: Steve Potter (1); Jack Potter (2-5, 13); Tom Frame (6, 12); John Aldrich (7-11, 14-15)
Not in Progs 532, 536
2000AD Extreme Edition 25

Strontium Dog

A Sorry Case 4 episodes (Progs 540 to 543) 20 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Colin MacNeil
Rebellion: Strontium Dog Search/Destroy Agency Files 04
The Best of 2000AD 112


Phase 1: Tygers 16 episodes (Progs 535 to 550) 81 pages
Script: Grant Morrison, Artist: Steve Yeowell
The Best of 2000AD 100
The Best of 2000AD 99
Titan: Zenith Book 1

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