2000AD: 2

2000AD: 2

Artwork: 2
Cover Art: 11
Wallpaper: 1

STORMINGStorming Heaven

Created by Gordon Rennie, Frazer Irving

Storming Heaven

Storming Heaven 7 episodes (Progs 1273 to 1278) 46 pages
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Frazer Irving, Letters: Ellie De Ville
New thrill. Part 1 double length in 2000AD Prog 2002. Final episode double length
Rebellion: Storming Heaven

Tharg The Mighty

A Night 2 Remember 1 episode (Prog 1280) 10 pages
Script: Pat Mills/Gordon Rennie/Robbie Morrison/Dan Abnett/John Tomlinson/Alan Grant/Grant Morrison/Mike Carey/Andy Diggle/Garth Ennis, Artist: Kevin O'Neill/Frazer Irving/Ian Gibson/Simon Davis/Kevin Walker/John Higgins/Steve Yeowell/Anthony Williams/Jock/Dave Gibbons, Letters: Tom Frame (pages 1-9), Dave Gibbons (page 10)
Featuring: Marshal Law, M.A.C.H.1, Judge Dredd, Finn, Invasion, Storming Heaven, Nikolai Dante, Halo Jones, Sinister Dexter, Torquemada, Judge Death, A.B.C. Warriors, Tor Cyan, Walter the Wobot, Strontium Dog, Ace Trucking, Stix, Zenith, D.R. & Quinch, Mazeworld, Lenny Zero, Judge Anderson, Hewligan's Haircut, The Balls Brothers, The Spacegirls
Set at the 25th Anniversary party at Ministry of Sound

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