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2000AD PROG 939

COVER DATE: 12th May, 1995

Price: 80 pence Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Paul Johnson


Judge Dredd

Escape From Kurt Russell 2 episodes (Progs 938 to 939) 19 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Paul Marshall
Second episode double length
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 22

Rogue Trooper (Friday)

Mind Bombs 3 episodes (Progs 937 to 939) 18 pages
Script: Steve White, Artist: Edmund Perryman and Nick Abadzis

Harlem Heroes

Cyborg Death Trip 12 episodes (Progs 928 to 939) 72 pages
Script: Michael Fleisher, Artist: Kev Hopgood (pencils), Siku (inks)

Strontium Dogs

Alphabet Man 3 episodes (Progs 937 to 939) 18 pages
Script: Peter Hogan, Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
Featuring: Feral

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