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2000AD PROG 734

COVER DATE: 8th June, 1991

Price: 45 pence Earth money
Cover: Mean Machine by Richard Dolan


Judge Dredd

Return of the King 3 episodes (Progs 733 to 735) 18 pages
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Featuring: Chief Judge Silver ^returns^ to claim office. Details of his death revealed in full
Timeline data: 2113
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 15
Titan: Judge Dredd Death Aid

Rogue Trooper (Friday)

Saharan Ice Belt War 12 episodes (Progs 730 to 741) 76 pages
Script: Michael Fleisher, Artist: Simon Coleby, Colour: Gina Hart

Mean Machine

Travels with Muh Shrink 7 episodes (Progs 730 to 736) 36 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Richard Dolan, Colour: Fully Painted, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Judge Dredd Megazine 298
Judge Dredd Megazine 3.76 (1-4)
Judge Dredd Megazine 3.77 (4-7)
Classic 2000AD 2


Robo-Hunter 12 episodes (Progs 723 to 734) 72 pages
Script: Mark Millar, Artist: Jose Casanovas

Night Zero

Below Zero 14 episodes (Progs 732 to 745) 71 pages
Script: John Brosnan, Artist: Kev Hopgood

Tao De Moto

Forbidden Fruit 26 episodes (Progs 723 to 749) 55 pages
Script: Myra Hancock, Artist: David Hine
Not in Prog 741.

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