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Best of 2000AD Monthly 7

Cover Date: 1st April, 1986

Price: 65 pence Earth money
Cover: Judge Dredd by Mike McMahon


Rogue Trooper

Bagman Blues 3 episodes (Progs 260 to 262) 14 pages
Script: Gerry Finley-Day, Artist: Brett Ewins (1-2), Eric Bradbury (3)
The Best of 2000AD 7
DC/Rebellion: Rogue Trooper The Future of War
Rebellion: Rogue Trooper Tales of Nu-Earth 1
Titan: Rogue Trooper Book 2
Titan: Rogue Trooper Future War

Judge Dredd

Dredd and the Mob Blitzers 1 episode (Prog 130) 7 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Dave Gibbons
aka The Testimonial of Lips Lazarus
The Best of 2000AD 7
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 03
The Complete Judge Dredd 12
Eagle: Judge Dredd's Crime Files 5, Colour: Janet Landau
Titan: Judge Dredd Mega City Vice Book 1

Time Twisters

The Reversible Man 1 episode (Prog 308) 4 pages
Script: Alan Moore, Artist: Mike White
Rebellion: Tharg's Future Shocks Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks
Prion Books: 2000AD The Best of
The Best of 2000AD 7
Eagle: 2000AD Monthly/Presents/Showcase 2, Colour: Janet Landau

Nemesis the Warlock

The World of Termight (Book 1) - 9-11 17 episodes (Progs 222 to 244) 71 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Featuring: Torquemada
Not in Progs 234, 235, 236, 237, 241, 242
The Best of 2000AD 5 (1-5)
The Best of 2000AD 6 (6-8)
The Best of 2000AD 7 (9-11)
The Best of 2000AD 8 (12-17)
Titan: Nemesis the Warlock Death to all Aliens
Titan: Nemesis the Warlock Nemesis: The Beginning
Rebellion: Nemesis the Warlock Volume 1
Titan: Nemesis the Warlock Book 1