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2000AD PROG 1452

COVER DATE: 17th August, 2005

Price: 1.75 Earth money
Cover: Invasion by Charlie Adlard and Chris Blythe



Savage Book Two: Out of Order 10 episodes (Progs 1450 to 1459) 60 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Charlie Adlard, Letters: Ellie De Ville
Rebellion: Invasion Savage: Taking Liberties

Breathing Space

Breathing Space 9 episodes (Progs 1451 to 1459) 47 pages
Script: Rob Williams, Artist: Peter Doherty (1-2), Laurence Campbell (pencils 3-9), Lee Townsend (inks 3-9), Colour: Peter Doherty, Letters: Ellie De Ville
New Thrill! Set on LUNA-1
Judge Dredd Megazine 294

Judge Dredd

Matters Of Life And Death 1 episode (Prog 1452) 6 pages
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra, Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Judge Giant,Vienna Dredd

Droid Life

Game Theory 1 episode (Prog 1452) 1 pages
Script: Cat Sullivan, Artist: Cat Sullivan
Rebellion: Droid Life


Leatherjack 18 episodes (Progs 1450 to 1467) 116 pages
Script: John Smith, Artist: Paul Marshall, Colour: Chris Blythe, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
New thrill! First episode double length.
Rebellion: Leatherjack


Stim! 7 episodes (Progs 1450 to 1456) 35 pages
Script: Alan Grant, Artist: Ian Gibson, Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Samantha Slade
Judge Dredd Megazine 308

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