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2000AD PROG 1401

COVER DATE: 4th August, 2004

Price: 1.60 Earth money
Cover: A.B.C. Warriors by Henry Flint


A.B.C. Warriors

The Shadow Warriors: Book 2 6 episodes (Progs 1400 to 1405) 44 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Henry Flint, Letters: Tom Frame
First and final episodes double length.

Bec & Kawl

Hell To Pay 4 episodes (Progs 1401 to 1404) 20 pages
Script: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Steve Roberts, Letters: Ellie De Ville
Rebellion: Bec & Kawl Bloody Students

Caballistics, Inc.

Creepshow 8 episodes (Progs 1401 to 1408) 40 pages
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Dom Reardon, Letters: Ellie De Ville
Rebellion: Caballistics, Inc. Creepshow

Judge Dredd

Big Deal At Drekk City 5 episodes (Progs 1400 to 1404) 30 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Cam Kennedy, Colour: Chris Blythe, Letters: Tom Frame
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Art of Kenny Who?

Droid Life

Sleeping Bags 1 episode (Prog 1401) 1 pages
Script: Cat Sullivan, Artist: Cat Sullivan
Rebellion: Droid Life

Strontium Dog

The Headly Foot Job 4 episodes (Progs 1400 to 1403) 24 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Featuring: Wulf Sternhammer

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