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SMS lives in Lancashire in a house that is bigger on the inside than on the outside. He illustrates for a number of science fiction magazines, most notably Interzone, where he has topped the reader's poll as favourite artist many times. He also won the 1997 British Science Fiction Award for best artwork. Work on comic strips includes 'ABC Warriors' for 2000AD, an adaptation of the Clive Barker Hellraiser story 'Original Sin', and most recently architectural backgrounds for Bryan Talbot's graphic novel 'Heart of Empire'.


A.B.C. Warriors

The Black Hole 21 episodes (Progs 555 to 581) 133 pages
Script: Pat Mills, Artist: Simon Bisley (1-4, 9-12, 17-21) and SMS (5-8, 13-16), Letters: Jack Potter
Not in Progs 567, 568, 569, 570, 571 and 572.
Titan: A.B.C. Warriors Book 3 (1-10?)
Titan: A.B.C. Warriors Book 4 (11?-21)
Titan: A.B.C. Warriors The Black Hole
Fleetway Quality: ABC Warriors 04 (1-2)
Fleetway Quality: ABC Warriors 05 (3-7)
Fleetway Quality: ABC Warriors 06 (8-11)
Fleetway Quality: ABC Warriors 07 (12-16)
Fleetway Quality: ABC Warriors 08 (17-21)
Titan: A.B.C. Warriors The Black Hole
The Best of 2000AD 103 (1-10)
The Best of 2000AD 104 (11-20)
The Best of 2000AD 105 (21)
DC/Rebellion: A.B.C. Warriors The Black Hole


Dragonfly Gallery
Includes a gallery of SMS's non-2000AD work.