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Megazine Writer: 2
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Other Writer: 1
Other Artist: 7

2000AD: 7
Megazine: 2
Reprints: 1
US Reprints: 1
Graphic Novels: 8
Star Scans: 1

Sketches: 8
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In the last few years Bryan has produced illustrations and covers for various magazines and Internet web sites, including character sketches and frontispieces for Gwyneth Jones's Bold as Love series of novels, and has drawn and painted Sire - a four-page Vampire strip for France's Editions Carabas. He pencilled the 4 issue miniseries The Dead Boy Detectives and the Secrets of Immortality, written by Ed Brubaker, and pencilled and inked Bag O' Bones, written by Bill Willingham, for the Fables series by DC Vertigo and wrote and painted Memento, a twelve-page full colour "silent" strip for 2000AD.

Alice in Sunderland was published in 2007 by Jonathan Cape in the UK and Dark Horse in the USA. The UK edition is now in its fourth printing. It was nominated for a Quill Award, an Eagle, a Harvey and an Eisner and won two Comicdom awards.

In 2008 NBM published Metronome by one Veronique Tanaka. This was a radically experimental piece of work, a "silent" visual erotic poem in 4/4 time. Two years later, Bryan "came out" and admitted that he'd written and drawn the book and that the pen name was part of the experiment. New York Magazine named it as one of the ten best graphic novels of 2008.

His steampunk detective thriller graphic novels Grandville and Grandville Mon Amour and Grandville Bête Noire are published in nine countries. He is currently working on Grandville Nöel. In 2012, the French edition of Grandville Mon Amour won the Prix SNCF for best graphic novel.

Dotter of Her Father's Eyes, published in February 2012 and written by his wife, Dr Mary M Talbot, is partly autobiographical and partly about the life of Lucia Joyce, daughter of James Joyce. It won the Costa Biograohy Award in 2013.

Bryan has held one-man Comic Art exhibitions in Lancashire, London, Tuscany, Finland, Sweden and New York, appeared in numerous others and is a frequent guest at international Comic festivals. In 2009 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts for his "Outstanding contribution to the Arts as writer and graphic artist" by Sunderland University and, in July 2012, a Doctorate of Letters by Northumbria University.


Tharg's Future Shocks

The Wages of Sin 1 episode (Prog 257) 6 pages - Read Online
Script: Alan Moore, Artist: Bryan Talbot, Letters: Tony Jacob
Rebellion: Tharg's Future Shocks Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks
Titan: Tharg's Future Shocks Alan Moore's Shocking Futures
Quality: Time Twisters 03, Colour: Unknown


Judge Dredd

Caterpillars 1 episode (Prog 1730) 6 pages
Script: Michael Carroll, Artist: Bryan Talbot, Colour: Alwyn Talbot, Letters: Annie Parkhouse


British Icons

Luther Arkwright 1 episode (Meg 231) 6 pages
Script: Joel Meadows, Artist: Bryan Talbot
Text article


Non Fiction

New Comics: Love & Rockets 1 episode (Meg 305) 2 pages
Script: Michael Molcher, Artist: Bryan Talbot
Text Article


The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage by James Robertson
The official site for news on Bryan and his work, including always up to date info on what Bryan is working on right now, biographies, stripographies, articles, a bulletin board, online comics and a HUGE gallery of Bryan's work.
Memento by Bryan Talbot
Memento is a full colour, "silent" 12 page comic story by Bryan Talbot, to be published in Prog 2002. You can read it online here.
Bryan Talbot interview by Ivana Fanboy
Darkhorse Comics, 1 November 2000