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Since 1977, 2000 AD has been responsible for unleashing dozens of classic thrills on your unsuspecting world. Profiles and other information can be found via the links below, as can online thrills via the Thrillviewer.

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Brush up on your Betelguesean and Mega-City slang.
As 2000AD's most popular character, Judge Dredd deserves a zone all to himself.


Spread the Word! by Lee Robson
Everything you could want to know about The ABC Warriors, Nemesis and Ro-Busters is right here. Profiles, prog checks, series historys and a whole lot more - Spread The Word!
Mark Harrison Portfolio by Wakefield Carter
Online portfolio with links to online comics and artwork for sale
The Semi-Official Nikolai Dante Website by Simon Fraser
Artwork, Background info, etc.
Judge Pal Hotline by 2000AD Online
Are you a peeper? Rat on that rat!
Seizing the Fire by Nathan Milner
A guide to Zenith
Temple of Terminus by Lee Robson
For many years, the Grand Master has kept the screaming hoardes of Khaos from our door, but how much do we really know about him? Now you have a chance to discover more about his life and times in The Temple of Terminus! Be warned, however, only those who are truly pure may enter. The others had better watch out, for The Inquisition will be calling on you soon...
The Sinister Dexter index by Rory O'Kelly
Profiles, wallpapers, art samples, quotes, photo-fakes and fan art!
2000AD and British Comics by BBC Cult
Includes features, full strips, and more.
Strontium Dog UT by Matt Nicholson
Chronicling the creation of a series of Strontium Dog themed add-ons for Unreal Tournament which will eventually comprise a Total Conversion.
The Walter the Wobot Shrine by Mark Latus
From Comic Relief Bootlicker to Call-Me-Kenneth Wannabe
Caballistics, Inc. by M. Banwell, R. Pearce & L. Porteous
A factual resource for Caballistics, Inc.
Touched by the Hand of Tharg by Grant Goggans
Site cataloging all the stories which have appeared in 2000 AD