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Although everything inside 2000 AD is of course the product of Tharg's mighty brain, his legions of droids assist with ghafflebette artwork and stories. To find out more about these oil-guzzling workhorses, click on the links below...

A droid index that links to profiles and comicographies.
Browse artwork by artist.
Browse convention sketches by artist.
Scripts from John Wagner, Alan Grant and others.
Links to interviews, both on-site and elsewhere on the Web.
Browse Thrills by writer, artist, colourist or letterer.
A chronological list of editorial droids for 2000AD and beyond.


the brian bolland cover gallery by Chris Hanks
An extensive collection of Brian's artwork. Offline
The Art of Mike McMahon by Simon Gurr
Contains examples of Mick's work, comments from other artists, interviews, etc.
The 2000AD Links Project by Wakefield and Mechanismo
The largest collection of 2000AD and Judge Dredd links on the Internet
Gibson Studios by Ian Gibson
Halo Jones, RoboHunter, Anderson Psi Division plus a peek at some new projects.
Mark Harrison Portfolio by Wakefield Carter
Online portfolio with links to online comics and artwork for sale
The Semi-Official Nikolai Dante Website by Simon Fraser
Artwork, Background info, etc.
The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage by James Robertson
The official site for news on Bryan and his work, including always up to date info on what Bryan is working on right now, biographies, stripographies, articles, a bulletin board, online comics and a HUGE gallery of Bryan's work.
Memento by Bryan Talbot
Memento is a full colour, "silent" 12 page comic story by Bryan Talbot, to be published in Prog 2002. You can read it online here. by Frazer Irving
Official website of Art Droid and â??that young Turk from the Necronautsâ? Frazer Irving. Visit, click, have nightmares.
Jock's Column by Jock
Message board hosted by Isotope
Sam De La Rosa
Online portfolio
Situations Vacant by Kev F Sutherland
Situations Vacant works with new writers and performers to devise, develop and test sitcoms and comedy for TV, radio and the web. Call-Me-Kev-F also organises the Bristol comics festivals and the Dreddcon conventions.
The Engine by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman
New site and online interactive comic book by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman. Writer and artist of the legendaryTransformers.
Clint Langley
Online portfolio
Glenn Fabry Online by Glenn Fabry
An online 'agent'
Simon Bisley On-Line by Jason Burris
The official resource for comic readers, collectors and fans of all things BIZ.
Brian Bolland Image Gallery by Jen Santarelli
An selection of Brian's covers. Nothing from 2000AD.
Dermot Power - Concept Artist by Chris Lunney
Online portfolio
Comic Textbook by Matt Brooker
D'Israeli's colouring advice by John McCrea
The Official Website of John McCrea. If you are interested in commissioning me, buying original artwork, or are just interested in what I am currently working on, check out the website and contact me if you require any further information.
The Art of Siku
Online portfolio
Biography, info and news
WestonFront by Chris Weston
Online portfolio
The Art of Greg Staples
Official online gallery
Turmoil Colour Studio by John Higgins
Official website
Carl Critchlow gallery
A large selection of published and previously unseen work
The Redwing Project by James Swallow
The official virtual space for author, scriptwriter and journalist James Swallow.
Portfolio by Adrian Bamforth
Visit the website of Adrian Bamforth, the most neglected artist in comics.
The Official Val Semeiks Website
Online portfolio
ANDY DIGGLE by Andy Diggle
Lenny Zero, Judge Dredd vs. Aliens, and more.
Jock Online
Online portfolio
Jim Balent's Studio by Holly G
Online portfolio
The Holden Hub by PJ Holden
comic :: illustration :: webstuff :: whatever
Jason Brashill
Online portfolio
The Travellers by Mark Harrison and Wakefield Carter
Originally published in White Dwarf magazine and now digitally rehashed for a new generation!
Red Slap Creatives
An organisation dedicated to ethical dealings, and provision of high quality creative work of all kinds, within the framework of courteous and professional relationships.
Freakhouse Graphics by Mike Collins
Gallery, News and Links
Jim Murray Art
Online portfolio
Vicious Imagery by David Bishop
Writer blog
Daedalus Studio by Chris Blythe
See covers without type, unseen cover versions, and behind the scenes walk throughs by Eagle Award nominee Chris Blythe.
Duck This!! by Colin Wilson and Janet Gale
20 years in comics! Its all here.....
Dan Abnett - Official Author website by Angela
Online portfolio
The White Line Gallery by Michael J Austin
On-line fine art gallery
Al Bigley - Illustration
Online portfolio
Charlie Adlard by KSF Design
Online portfolio
Jon Haward Art by Jon Haward
Pages from 2000AD, plus stories written by Alan Grant on view.
Cliff Robinson
Artist blog
Robbie Morrison by Deborah Tate and Steven Cook
New projects will be announced, and excerpts from stories past, present and future are featured throughout the site - including some exclusive online material - all illustrated by some of the finest artists currently working in the comic-book medium. by Simon Gurr
Co-winner of the Comics 2000 Pitch fest for Enhance!
Boo Cook homepage
Online portfolio of art and music, including a step-by-step section which goes in depth on the creation of a 2000 A.D. page.
David Baillie
Online portfolio
Gary Erskine Online by Gary Erskine
Wizards Keep by Tim Perkins
Online portfolio and shop
Clamnuts Comix by Bob Byrne
Small press publisher by Ghy & Steve Sampson
Online portfolio
Len O'
Online Portfolio
Marc Sasso - Illustration and Design
Online portfolio
Online portfolio
Online portfolio
Paul Jeacock
Online portfolio
DWebsite of 'Israeli by Matt Brooker
Online portfolio
The Comic Stripper by Anthony Williams
Online portfolio
Alternity by Steven Cook
The best way to view the past is to invent it
The Artwork of Nick Percival
Online portfolio
Nigel Dobbyn
Online portfolio
Duncan Fegredo's Stuff
Online portfolio
Kim DeMulder
Online portfolio
Xuasus Official Website by Juan Garcia
Online portfolio
Pseudopod Enterprises by Dave Stone
Stuff Done Cheap
Staz Johnson
Online portfolio by Steven Cook
The best way to view the past is to invent it
Astroman by Zac Sandler
Comic-influenced band
Dylan Teague
Artist blog
Here's Johnny by Animal Monday
Hereâ??s Johnny enters the surreal world of renowned graphic artist Johnny Hicklenton, who is battling against Multiple Sclerosis.
Sean Phillips
Artist blog
mahere by W. M. Maher
Online portfolio
Gary Erskine
Artist blog
Chris Weston
Artist blog
D'Blog of D'Israeli by Matt Brooker
Artist blog
Dave Taylor
Artist blog
All Tomorrow's Particles by Boo Cook
Artist blog
Colin Wilson
Artist blog
Paul Neal's Radar Comics
Writer blog
The Art of Jack Lawrence by Jack Lawrence
Artist portfolio