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All curious Earthlets that want to know the latest goings-on in my world should check out the links below. Those of you with recent systems-failure can also rummage through the archives for news from times gone by.

Assorted features from the vaults.
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Photos taken at previous 2000AD events
The 52 most popular event photos based on numbers of views
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I invented Judge Dredd by BBC News
To mark the 25th anniversary of 2000AD, writer John Wagner recalls in our weekly Real Time series how he came up with the comic's ruthless lawman, Judge Dredd.
Dredd vs Death
The official website for Rebellion's Judge Dredd computer game
Judge Pal Hotline by 2000AD Online
Are you a peeper? Rat on that rat!
Games company in £28m movie deal by BBC News
An Oxford-based computer games firm has clinched a £28m two-picture deal with an American film company.
Comics 2002 by Kev F Sutherland
The UK's Official Annual Comics Festival Bristol, England May 31 - June 2 2002
Shoreline Entertainment by Shoreline
Shoreline have made a deal with 2000 AD to produce two films based on JUDGE DREDD.
Art droids 2000 AD by the National Art Library
Online catalogue from the 2001 exhibition of Rufus Dayglo's artwork at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
All The Rage by Alan Donald
Rumour and gossip with a significant proportion of 2000AD related items.
2000AD Ecards by Robin Lees
Send 2000AD Ecards to all your friends and relatives....
Comic Expo 2005 Brighton
Hilton Metropole, November 19-20