Judge Dredd

The Pit 14 episodes (Progs 970 to 983) 86 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra (1-8), Colin MacNeil (9-11), Lee Sullivan (12-14), Colour: Alan Craddock (9-11), Mike Hadley (12-14), Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Judge Castillo, DeMarco, Judge Giant, Judge Guthrie
Timeline data: 2117
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Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Pit
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Judge Dredd is assigned sector 301, "The Pit". Cut off from the rest of Mega City One by "Nuke Alley" it has become a dumping group for the cities worst Judges. With the aide of rogue undercover judge Guthrie Dredd roots out corruption in the sectorhouse and brings it into line.

Arthur Wyatt