Judge Dredd

Tale of the Dead Man 7 episodes (Progs 662 to 668) 54 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Will Simpson (1-4), Jeff Anderson (5-7)
Featuring: Kraken
Follows on from 'Dead Man' series. Dredd tests Kraken, declares him unfit to be a judge. Dredd takes the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth where he becomes the Dead Man
Timeline data: 2111
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Kraken, last of the Judda in Mega-City One, is failed by Dredd on his final assessment despite a flawless performance. Kraken is sentenced to be terminated, and administers his own lethal injection, which is in fact merely a powerful sedative.

After experiencing severe doubts about his role as a Judge, Dredd resigns and takes the Long Walk.