Judge Dredd

Crime and Punishment 1 episode (Prog 86) 6 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Brian Bolland
Featuring: Judge Cal
Start of Judge Caligula storyline. First appearance of Deputy Chief Judge Cal (soon to be Chief Judge)
Timeline data: 2101
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Eagle: Judge Dredd 9, Colour: John Burns
Titan: Judge Dredd Epics The Day the Law Died

Dredd returned a hero after his Cursed Earth mission to save Mega City 2, but he soon found himself on a charge for murder. Unable to remember the crime that he was accused of, the Council of Five, lead by the faltering Judge Goodman, found Dredd guilty and he was sentenced to 20 years on the airless moon of Titan. Dredd made the decision to fight the verdict and returned to Mega City One where he uncovered a plot, involving a robotic Dredd, to discredit him. With his name cleared Dredd realised that there was a traitor in Justice Department.

Paul Scott