Jock, Wakefield Morys-Carter, Frazer Irving, Mark Chapman, 1.6 Mb MOV clip Wakefield Morys-Carter Dominic Preston, Mike Collins, Dylan Teague, Frazer Irving, Mark Harrison, Wakefield Morys-Carter
Taken by
Mark Harrison
Taken by
Wakefield Morys-Carter
Taken by
Adrian Scott

Simon Fraser, Jock, Matt Smith, Frazer Irving, Alan Barnes, Wakefield Morys-Carter, 3.9 Mb MOV clip Finlay, Wakefield Morys-Carter Colin MacNeil, Wakefield Morys-Carter
Taken by
Mark Harrison
Taken by
Max Koneczny
Taken by
Emma Bunn

Wakefield Morys-Carter in SD Studios helmet W. R. Logan, Alan Barnes, Wakefield Morys-Carter and Gary Wilkinson Wakefield Morys-Carter, Gary Wilkinson, Arthur Wyatt, and Paul Dunlop
Taken by
James Mackay
Taken by
Paul Glasswell
Taken by
Paul Glasswell


Comic Expo 2008, Bristol - 10th-11th May, 2008
Birmingham International Comics Show, The Custard Factory - 9th-10th December, 2006
DreddCon:6.5, The Jericho Tavern, Oxford - 18th November, 2006
Zarjaz Exhibition opening, Playlounge, London - 9th December, 2005
DreddCon:6, The Union Society, Oxford - 1st October, 2005
Comic Expo 2005, Bristol - 14th-15th May, 2005
DreddCon:5, The Union Society, Oxford - 2nd October, 2004
Comics 2004 Festival, Bristol - 29th-30th May, 2004
Bookfest 2004, The Centre, Milton Keynes - 27th March, 2004
DreddCon:4, The Union Society, Oxford - 6th December, 2003
Winterfest 2003, London - 1st November, 2003
Comics 2003 Festival, Bristol - 24th-25th May, 2003
DreddCon:3, The Brewery, London - 14th December, 2002
ShedCon:1, Horse and Groom, London - 13th December, 2002
Moniaive Festival 2002 - 7th-8th September, 2002
The SFX Event, Blackpool - 21st-23rd June, 2002
Comics 2002 Festival, Bristol - 1st-2nd June, 2002
25th Anniversary party at Ministry of Sound - 28th Februrary, 2002
Memorabilia, NEC Birmingham - 6th November, 1999
Comics Action 99, Essen - 21-24th October, 1999


Bristol 2001 by d-israeli
Photos taken at Comics festival in Bristol, 26/27 May 2001
2000AD 25th Anniversary Party by d-israeli
Photos taken at Ministry of Sound on Thursday, 28th Feb 2002
DreddCon:3 Photos by Natalie Sandells
Photographs by Gary Wilkinson
Photos from various events

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