2000AD Writer: 1


Mindy Newell, R.N. is one of those rare women who has read comics since she first lisped her ABC's. And by comics she means that genre that is supposed to send waves of horror shivering down her spine: SUPERHEROES!!!! Yep, she's a true Silver Age'r, cursing the day her mom made her leave the comic with the cool spider-guy on the cover at the dentist and the week she was home sick from school and vomited all over her collection of DC's and Marvels she had kept hidden between the mattress and the baseboard.

Her first story, JENESIS (a pregnant yuppie gains super-powers but loses the baby) got her into DC's NEW TALENT SHOWCASE way back in the '80's. Working under Karen Berger in her pre-Vertigo days, Mindy scripted Paul Levitz's plots on TALES OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, collaborated with Keith Giffin on LEGIONNAIRES THREE and AMETYST, and George Perez's WONDER WOMAN (notably "Chalk Drawings," a tale of the aftemath of suicide.) Being a typical New Yorker, she challenged Alan Moore in the letter pages of SWAMP THING on his equating menstrual women to blood-thirsty wolves howling at the moon (being a New York woman, chutzpah is her middle name). She also wrote the LOIS LANE mini-series, "When It Rains, God is Crying," about the plight of missing, abused and abducted children, which nobody remembers because two weeks later John Byrne's revamped SUPERMAN hit the stands.

Mindy did lots of other stuff, too, some of which she likes and some of which she hates, but probably the most important thing she did was to fly to London in 1989 for UKAC, where Simon Furman introduced her to John Higgins. John was so impressed with her it took another 12 years for him to call her, but after than it was only two years until they got married (November 29, 2003, to be specific.)

FACES is their first professional collaboration, but no divorce is pending.

She hopes to do more for 2000 A.D.



Faces 8 episodes (Progs 1412 to 1419) 48 pages
Script: John Higgins & Mindy Newell, Artist: John Higgins, Letters: Tom Frame
Judge Dredd Megazine 365