SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURES IN A MORE CIVILISED TIME! Space: 1889 is an exciting new series of full-cast audio adventures on CD, set in a fantastic alternate universe where Thomas Edison discovered a means to travel into the ether. Mars, home of an ancient but declining culture, has become the new battleground for Earth's empires and a lure for adventurers and explorers.

Released this month by Noise Monster Productions ( is The Steppes of Thoth by Dredd audio writer James Swallow, in which savage tribesmen bar the way to the wreck of a lost Ether Flyer, and the secrets it hides. For Captain Roger St John Ffolkes (Simon Williams), it is a mission he cannot refuse; for adventuress Georgina Golightly, a journey to risk all ­and for Mars, the chance to save a world ... or ignite a war. Each adventure is a self-contained story released on a single CD with over 70 minutes of action, adventure and intrigue. The plays are performed by a full professional cast and feature cinematic sound design and an original music score. And all you have to do to win one of five copies (RRP £10.99) is tell us:

This competition closed on 5th April, 2005.