How do I post an image in the chat room?

Follow this html code example: <a href=""> The image must already exist on the internet. If the image is on the 2000AD website you can put the 'relative' path, e.g. href="images/icons/wake.gif". On the other hand, if the image is on another website you must include the full URL, including http://

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Morys-Carter

How do I stop the chat room clicking?

You need to go to your Windows control panel and choose sounds. Remove the 'click' sound from the Refresh or the Start Naviagation option.

Link: Chat Room.
Answer supplied by: Robin Lees

Why do I have to manually refresh the chat room?

Are you using a Mac? Some people experience difficulties with the chat room auto-refresh. If this is the case, type "/reload 90" to activate a manual refresh button and see if that helps.

Answer supplied by: Wakefield Morys-Carter

Your browser configuration is


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