2000AD: 51
Megazine: 6
Extras: 26
Fanzines: 41
Online: 2

2000AD: 60
Megazine: 2
Reprints: 14
Extras: 10
Graphic Novels: 9
Star Scans: 5

Artwork: 17
Sketches: 8
Wallpaper: 18
Icons: 2

STRONTStrontium Dog

Created by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra

Judge Dredd

Judgement Day 6 episodes (Megs 2.04 to 2.09) 54 pages
Script: Garth Ennis, Artist: Dean Ormston (1-3, 5-6) and Chris Halls (4)
Featuring: Judge Joyce, Strontium Dog, Judge Inspector Sadu
Crossover. 14 episodes in 2000AD.
Rebellion: Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 17
Hamlyn: Judge Dredd Hamlyn Judgement Day
DC/Rebellion: Judge Dredd Judgement Day

The Scarlet Apocrypha

Genegun SD 1 episode (Meg 4.16) 6 pages
Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Steve Kyte, Letters: Ellie De Ville
Featuring: Durham Red, Strontium Dog
Heresy 5
Rebellion: Durham Red The Empty Suns


Interrogation - Spray that again? 2 episodes (Megs 225 to 226) 12 pages
Script: Robin Smith inteviewed by David Bishop, Artist: Robin Smith
Featuring: Judge Dredd, Sláine, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, Bogie Man

Interrogation - Flying high 2 episodes (Megs 227 to 228) 11 pages
Script: Colin MacNeil inteviewed by David Bishop, Artist: Colin MacNeil
Featuring: Chopper, Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd, America, Judge Inspector Sadu, Shimura, Mechanismo
Text article. Part 2 titled Battling Demons

You're Next, Punk!

That joke isn't funny any more 1 episode (Meg 230) 2 pages
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Featuring: Strontium Dog, Durham Red
Text column


Interrogation - Son of the Man 3+ episodes (Megs 300 to 302) 22 pages
Script: Carlos Ezquerra interviewed by Michael Molcher, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Featuring: Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd
Text Article. Part 2 titled The Theatre of War. Part 3 titled All Rise for the Judge

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