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The second issue of the 2000AD fanzine, Zarjaz, is going to be premiered at Comics 2002 in Bristol and it's bigger and better than issue one!

It's a 'Deadlier than the male...' themed issue-- 76 pages containing 11 strips featuring Hershey, Durham Red, Venus Bluegenes, Harmony, Tyranny Rex and others, plus an interview with Alan Grant and an-depth feature on breaking in to 2000 AD with contributions from Matt Smith, Andy Diggle, Dave Bishop and an array of writers and artists.

For more details contact Andrew Lewis

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Alan Grant has penned an exclusive Anderson story drawn by Ade Bamforth Emmanuelle Chekov: The Mutany Menace by Jimmy O'Ready (written by Duncan O'Sullivan) Judge Hershey by Darren Chandler

Reporter: Andrew Lewis