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Warning: Escaped Delinquent Aliens

D.R. & Quinch statues hit the streets

It is with pride and a small amount of mind-numbing fear that we announce that delinquent teenage alien duo Waldo 'D.R.' Dobbs and Ernest Errol Quinch have been immortalised as statues by Robert Harrop Designs' talented sculptor Matt Buckley. The statues, which stand respectively 5" (D.R.) and 9" (Quinch) high, are hand-painted cold-cast figures representing the terrible twosome in classic poses from their anarchic stories in 2000 AD, and are available for 39.95 (D.R.) & 44.95 (Quinch) each from Tharg's Future Shop.

D.R. & Quinch were created by comics legend Alan Moore (Watchmen, Halo Jones, Skizz) and artist Alan Davis (Harry 20, X-Men), and first appeared as a one-off story in 2000 AD in May 1983, describing how the pair managed to change the Earth's history with just a thermo-nuclear bazooka and a crate of shells. So popular was this story that Moore went on to write a whole series of stories based on the characters, which have become perennial favourites among 2000 AD readers and even cultural icons, due to the classic 'Nuke Your Parents' D.R. & Quinch t-shirt (D.R. & Quinch's complete adventures can be read in a Titan graphic novel.

Waldo 'D.R.' Dobbs was reported as saying, "So we dropped by this, like, unbelievably insignificant blue-green planet cos we heard there was like an awesome war going on, and Quinch had a load of new warpedoes he wanted to try out. Turns out there was totally nothing happening, man, but what do you know, these primitive dudes had made, like, statues of us. I mean, to their tiny minds, we must have looked like gods, so they were completely worshipping us".

Please note: D.R. & Quinch do not play well with others. Anyone who puts these figures on a shelf with other statues, particularly of the spandex-clad variety, does so at the risk of, like, total thermonuclear death, man.

The good, the bad and the utterly evil!

In other news, we are pleased to announce that it is now possible to buy the stunning Robert Harrop Designs statues of Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd and Judge Death as a set from the Future Shop at a special discounted price of 120, including UK delivery (for overseas prices, please visit the Future Shop).

This represents a substantial discount on the individual figure price of 59.95 each, and a great opportunity for Dredd fans to pick up some of the best ever three-dimensional models of Dredd, Anderson and Death for a bargain price.

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Reporter: Mark Chapman