Published: Out Now Price: 17.99/$27.95 ISBN: 1 904265 05 7 88pp, Hardcover.

"You are Harry Exton. What do you say when the voice on the phone asks if you want to play The Game? What do you do when they dangle the big money in front of you? What do you do when your victim is lying broken and begging for his life and the contract says take it all?"
John Wagner, from his introduction

"Rebellion has really got it right with this one, following the album format that's popular in France, and it stand up very comfortably with anything Humanoids might put out. Please, please buy this, because I want to see more albums like this coming out of Rebellion, and, with any luck other publishers, too."
Alasdair Watson,

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2000 AD is pleased to announce the publication, in a hardback, European format graphic novel, of John Wagner and Arthur Ranson's first Button Man series, The Killing Game.

Button Man is the story of Harry Exton, a professional assassin or 'button man', who hears about The Game from a friend. The Game pits trained killers against each other in a brutal battle of wills, with death the only outcome for all but the most ruthless participants.

The players are controlled by the Voices, mysterious and wealthy backers who tell the players where to go and who to meet, and bet amongst themselves on the outcomes of these duels. For the successful player, the financial rewards are extremely attractive - but what happens when a button man tries to leave The Game?

Button Man - The Killing Game is a savage thriller with a contemporary setting, combining the taut writing style of veteran comics writer John Wagner (Judge Dredd, Batman) with the detailed realism of artist Arthur Ranson (Judge Anderson, X-Factor). Ranson's original artwork has been extensively re-shot and colour-corrected for this edition, providing a crispness of image unparalleled in previous printing.

Among 2000 AD fans, The Killing Game is often voted the best story the magazine has ever published, and both creators and series have won a number of awards.

Button Man is available from all good book and comic shops, or online from the webshop. Direct trade customers can place orders with Diamond (Ref: JUN032473) or Red Route Distribution, and book trade customers can order via Red Route.

Reporter: Mark Chapman