2000 AD Goes Global â?? One week and countingâ?¦

I felt that a gentle reminder to all of our overseas readers was in order, bearing in mind the mild festive panic engulfing the world to purchase gifts, wrapping paper and the like.

Wednesday 19th December 2007 is the date when 2000 AD leaps into the future of global comic-book enjoyment when it becomes the first sci-fi comic in the world to be available weekly in both print and online versions. The lucky readers in the UK have long had their Thrill-Power hit within their printed prog every week without fail, but it is you, our friends across the world, who have had to endure higher shipping costs and a longer wait. Well, no more.

In just seven daysâ?? time, you will be able to download the Galaxyâ??s Greatest Comic direct to your computer just one week after the printed version has hit UK stores, and being a download itâ??ll be quicker, more topical, more adaptable (youâ??ll even be able to view it on your Apple iPod) and, best of all, considerably cheaper. However, if you still enjoy the feel of a warm prog in your hands, you will still be able to receive the printed version as normal. It just wonâ??t be as quick and easy.

Join us in the latest step towards global domination. Next Wednesday, go to or follow the links to the download page from and embrace the future!

Splundig vur Thrigg!

Reporter: Tharg the Mighty