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Get your hands on Halo as Books 1-3 of her interstellar adventures are collected under one cover and published by DC/Rebellion. Alan Moore and Ian Gibson's critically acclaimed feminist space opera is one of the most popular stories to have appeared in 2000 AD, and if you've yet to be introduced to Toy, Toby, Brinna or Rodice, then this is an essential purchase!


  Also out now in the last batch of collections to be jointly published with DC:
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The Complete Indigo Prime

By John Smith, Chris Weston & Mike Hadley

Sci-fi bizarreness from the warped imaginations of the Smith, Weston and Hadley droids as transtemporal troubleshooters Indigo Prime protect the multiverse from all manner of threats. Included is the Jack the Ripper classic 'Killing Time' and Fervent and Lobe's comic opera 'The Issigri Variations'!


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Rogue Trooper: Fort Neuro

By Gerry Finley-Day, Brett Ewins, Cam Kennedy & Colin Wilson

Genetic Infantryman Rogue Trooper is hot on the Traitor General's trail,
but can he survive the horrors of the Dix-1 Front, not to mention the
insanity of Fort Neuropa, a key Souther position that has been under siege
for so long its inhabitants have started to act very strangely...


  These books are all now available from Tharg's Future Shop.

And keep your optical sensors peeled for the next wave of 2000 AD graphic novels - starting with Judge Dredd: Satan's Island, Rogue Trooper: Eye of the Traitor and Family - coming your way this October!