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In 1936, pulp writer Lee Robson won his first of three awards for 'Dullest Name In Literature,' leading him to adopt a series of pseudonyms for the rest of his illustrious career. Under the guises of Ace Renaldo Jr., Kidman Q. Watt, Scarface Capelli and Xavier X. Xallandos, he wrote some of his most famous works, including Killer In Velvet, Midwives Stole My Brain and the classic I Was A Teenage Goldfish (reportedly based on Robson's own troubled past).

Following the second of four successful marriages, Robson went into a variety of publishing ventures, the most profitable of which was Comic Comix, home to 'The Revenger' and the homo-erotic classic 'Punishment Inc.' After only twelve issues of each, the plug was pulled following the complaints of concerned parents whose children became disturbed after seeing the image of a naked Winston Churchill during the infamous 'Revenger'/'Punishment Inc' crossover 'The Teapot Affair.'

However, it was Robson's last novel, 1953's shockingly explicit Twin Sister From Beyond The Stars, that finally brought him to the attention of the world. The story, a touching tale of two college roommates who indulge in a passionate affair only to discover they are in fact long lost sisters, saw him branded as a Communist because of the girls fondness for red underwear. Robson never wrote again, and died in 1964, a broken and lonely old man.

Other works by Robson include:

Only Fools Shop On A Thursday
I Was A Toilet Seat For The CIA
The Big Toe
Murder Me For Pantyhose
The Incredible Shrinking Hair (also known as 'Help! My Head Is Growing!')
Adventures Of A Teenage Exorcist
Teenage Dope Slaves From Venus
I Married An Armchair
The Gramophone That Ate New York
I, Coffee Mug
They Drown Lesbians, Don't They?
Radio To Hell
The Basement Of Death (unpublished)
Killer Disc Jockeys From Outer Space
Teenage Biker Sluts From Mars
Cobweb Campus (published in Europe as 'I Was A Teenage Tarantula')
They Stole My Lungs, Didn't They?
Mafia Men From Beyond Jupiter
Satan Was An Air Steward
I Was An Elderly Dope Fiend


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