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BIT ABOUT ME: I'm 32 and started collecting '2000ad' from Prog.335 and although I thought all the stories were excellent it was 'STRONTIUM DOG' that really stood out for me. I think it was the combination of Johnny Alpha's hardware, good guy guy in a bad universe, real nasty baddies and bizarre comrades that did it for me. I've been collecting 'STRONTIUM DOG' merchandise ever since and have an extensive collection (including many rareities). I stopped buying '2000ad'weekly a few years back and I really only buy it or the megazine now when there's 'stronty' related stuff in it, but I'm usually on the 2000ad site everyday to keep track on what's happening.

1: Meeting Carlos Ezquerra at 'Dreddcon 4' in Oxford - really nice, patient guy - well worth the flight down from Glasgow to London, coach from London to Oxford and all back again on the same day!
2: Having my Johnny Alpha tattoo finished after a few months and having it signed by Carlos to give it the 'official stamp' - nice!