2000AD Writer: 3
2000AD Artist: 28
2000AD Colour: 8
2000AD Letters: 1
Megazine Writer: 3
Megazine Artist: 10
Megazine Colour: 1
Megazine Letters: 3
Other Artist: 10
Other Letters: 5

2000AD: 25
Megazine: 1
Reprints: 1
Graphic Novels: 3

Artwork: 2
Sketches: 8
Wallpaper: 1

Fan Input
Photos: 1



Devlin Waugh

Chasing Herod 9 episodes (Progs 1149 to 1157) 54 pages
Script: John Smith, Artist: Steve Yeowell, Colour: D'Israeli
DC/Rebellion: Devlin Waugh Red Tide

Judge Dredd

Alien Town's Burning 2 episodes (Progs 1133 to 1134) 12 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Cam Kennedy, Colour: D'Israeli

Return of the Assassin 7 episodes (Progs 1141 to 1147) 42 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Cam Kennedy, Colour: D'Israeli, Letters: Tom Frame
Featuring: Orlok the Assassin, Judge Anderson
Hamlyn: Judge Dredd Hamlyn Doomsday for Dredd

Copycat Crimes 2 episodes (Progs 1192 to 1193) 10 pages
Script: Roland Grey, Artist: Dylan Teague and Kevin Brighton, Colour: D'Israeli, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Originally written for Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future

Tharg's Future Shocks

Space Dust 1 episode (Prog 1190)
Script: Andrew Ness, Artist: Siku, Colour: D'Israeli

Missionary Man

Mark of the Beast 4 episodes (Progs 1201 to 1204)
Script: Gordon Rennie, Artist: Jesus Redondo, Colour: D'Israeli

Nikolai Dante

The Hunting Party 2 episodes (Progs 1139 to 1140) 20 pages
Script: Robbie Morrison, Artist: Andy Clarke, Colour: D'Israeli
DC/Rebellion: Nikolai Dante The Great Game


Roadkill Book 1 4 episodes (Progs 1208 to 1211)
Script: Dan Abnett, Artist: Richard Elson, Colour: D'Israeli

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