Tharg asked for a shot of the Space judges flying towards the reader, I couldn't quite make it work without them looking a bit like superheroes. I asked for some reference from the interior strips and got back some of the Colin McNeil strip. This inspired me to do a shot of them on a sort of battle-torn landscape. This is the rough I sent Tharg and it got okayed.
I blew this up to artsize, about A3, tightened it up and inked it. I tried to keep the inking simpler than my usual stuff as I wanted to leave more to the colouring. So I left out any heavy shadows or hatching. I also had a bit of fun with the outfits and kind of rejigged them a bit.
I went for a twilight colour scheme but is was also meant to look slightly alien. I lightened up some of the linework in the background to push it further back and give a sense of depth.