First Sketch, is my thumbnail, probably about 10cm by 15cm. Matt asked for a sexy pic of Synnamon holding her gun. He sent me some of the Dave Roach strip to show what was happening in the episode. I thought a pic of her in an airlock kind of thing would be cool. I could do loads of pipes and machinery which I like doing and it could have a confined feel to it. I liked her hand coming out towards the reader it looks quite exaggerated in the rough, I couldn't quite carry it thru to the final tho.
Tight Sketch. this is more like A4 in size. I work on this until I'm happy that I've sorted out all of the drawing problems and got the perspective right. When I'm happy I scan it in and blow it up to the Artwork size, about A3. I then print it out in blueline on the artboard. I then tighten up bits and ink it.
Final. I scan in the inked pic to photoshop and do the colouring.