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2000AD PROG 1504

COVER DATE: 6th September, 2006

Price: 1.75 Earth money
Cover: Nikolai Dante by Mark Harrison

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Banzai Battalion

Robot Wars 6 episodes (Progs 1501 to 1506) 36 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Steve Roberts, Letters: Simon Bowland

Judge Dredd

The Connection 5 episodes (Progs 1500 to 1504) 30 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Kevin Walker, Colour: Chris Blythe (4-5), Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Featuring: Judge Fargo
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection Origins
Hachette: Judge Dredd The Mega Collection Doomsday for Mega City One
Rebellion: Judge Dredd Epics Origins


Malone 7 episodes (Progs 1500 to 1506) 35 pages
Script: Cal Hamilton, Artist: Simon Coleby, Colour: John Spelling (greytones 4-7), Letters: Ellie De Ville
New thrill!
Judge Dredd Megazine 377

Nikolai Dante

Dragon's Island 6 episodes (Progs 1502 to 1507) 36 pages
Script: Robbie Morrison, Artist: John Burns, Colour: Fully Painted, Letters: Annie Parkhouse
Rebellion: Nikolai Dante Sword of the Tsar

Stone Island

Stone Island 8 episodes (Progs 1500 to 1507) 45 pages
Script: Ian Edginton, Artist: Simon Davis, Colour: Fully Painted, Letters: Ellie De Ville (1-7), Annie Parkhouse (8)
New thrill! First episode double length
Rebellion: Stone Island

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