It’s another long hot Mega City summer. The streets are thick with scrawlers. It’ll take real daring, skill and a little luck to make your mark.. Dredd’s out there somewhere, and mean as hell but even he can’t be everywhere. At least, not all the time…


A photocopy of the board (on either A4 or A3 paper).
Coloured pens and pieces for the scrawlers.
Three dice.
Six numbered Judge counters (e.g. more dice).

Alternatively, you can stick the board to a piece of card and cover it in sticky-backed plastic, or laminate it. You could then use non-permanent markers and avoid the need for Tippex.


Unamerican Graffiti is a two player game which replays the classic struggle for scrawl supremacy between CHOPPER and THE PHANTOM. It is set just after each has made his mark as a serious scrawler.

Place one of the 6 Judge counters (numbered 1 to 6) on each of the Sector Houses and then roll a die. Swap Judge 1 (Judge Dredd) with the Judge indicated by the die ( if you roll a 1 Judge Dredd stays put).

Each player needs a pawn and matching coloured pen. Decide which who will play which character. CHOPPER starts at Power Tower (far left). PHANTOM starts at Palais De Boing (far right). Each player scrawls at this location (by writing on the board), scores 3 points of prestige and places his pawn there. CHOPPER starts.


On your turn you may move up to three hexes.

You may not move through hexes occupied by Judges, or the other player. Also, you may not move through the hex between two Sector Houses if either Sector House is occupied by a Judge.

If you move into a hex containing a picture (a location) that is currently clean, you must stop and scrawl there. Make a mark in your colour on the board at that location, and add the prestige indicated to your running total (1 for a City Block, 3 for a Landmark, 5 for a Sector House and 9 for The Statue of Judgement)

You may not scrawl the Statue of Judgement until all six landmarks have been scrawled at least once.


After your move, but before the other player's turn, your opponent rolls a number of dice equal to the number of hexes you moved. He then moves the Judges whose numbers have been rolled. A Judge can move more than once in a turn if his number appears on more than one of the dice.

If you have just scrawled then the Judges indicated can move a number of hexes equal to the priority value of the location you have just scrawled. If you have not scrawled, the Judges can still move one hex.

If a Judge moves into the same location as a scrawler, the scrawler is arrested (see below). When Judge Dredd is moved, he may move an extra hex, but only if it allows him to make an arrest.

If a Judge is moved into a location which has been scrawled on he must stop and clean it up. The next time a die roll from either player indicates that this Judge should move, the Judge instead spends his move cleaning up the location - use tippex to remove the mark made on the board.

Judges may enter Sector Houses. They may only enter other locations either to make an arrest, or clean up an existing scrawl. A Judge may never enter or pass through a hex occupied by another Judge.


If you get arrested, you score again for any scrawled locations of your colour remaining on the board. This does not include the scrawl you were caught doing, nor any scrawl that gets cleaned on your turn. You do score for locations where a Judge has arrived, but not yet spent a turn cleaning.

This gives you your final Prestige for that colour.

On your next turn, if there are any free landmarks (Prestige 3 locations) which have not yet been defaced at least once in the game, then you should pick a new colour, and place your scrawl and a piece on one of these hexes (your choice). Set you initial prestige for this colour to 3, and then take your move as normal.


Once all six landmarks have been scrawled at least once, the race is on to scrawl the Statue of Judgement.

The game continues until both players are arrested, or one of them reaches the Statue of Judgement, regardless of whether they are immediately arrested, or not. Players not arrested at the end of the game add points to their prestige for all hexes which still have scrawl of their colour.


The winner is the player who scores most points IN ONE COLOUR. Do not add together the prestige scores from different scrawlers which were run by the same player.


Edward Carter - Game design
Wakefield Carter - Playtesting and board design
Ron Smith - Artwork (taken from the Judge Dredd board game by Games Workshop)

Based on an original story by John Wagner and Ron Smith.

Unless otherwise specified, all 2000AD Characters and Imagery are (tm) & 2002 Rebellion. All rights reserved.