Gar's Lace Bobbin Collection
Series C - Bone

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Bobbin C1
This is a "Domino" Bobbin
16 - Sold ($25)
Bobbin C2
Unusual combination of "Tiger" and "Leopard" types. There is a small nick and crack in the top.
16 - Sold ($25)
Bobbin C5
A bound spiral bobbin.
$25 - Sold
Bobbin C8
Hinged Spangle Bobbin. A very rare type. The shank is decorated with red and green dyed grooves and incised lines.
$170 - Sold
Bobbin C9
A very attractive bobbin in mint condition bound with fine brass wire, and ornamented with blue and red lines and dots.
$54.99 - Sold
Bobbin C12
Bone bobbin dyed red
26 - Sold ($40)
Bobbin C16
Bone bobbin
16 - Unsold ($25)

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