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Collecting is a hobby in it's own right. Sometimes what you collect is less important than the collecting itself. I used to collect badges, stamps, tea cards, Traveller, Star Wars figures, etc. However I have now reduced my collecting aspirations to a single field - 2000AD & Eagle. One reason for this choice is because the total number of things to collect is limited, especially when compared with, say, Star Wars or Star Trek. Of course, collecting invariably means that I end up with spare items. Take a look at the following links:

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Financial Services

I started buying on the internet regularly in the Summer of 1998. One of the first problems I ran into was that of currency. My normal bank charges £10 to write a US Dollar cheque on my behalf. I have since started a Citibank account with linked Sterling and Dollar accounts. Thanks to this account I can now not only write and receive US cheques but I can also offer this service to others. My transaction charge is 5% on every cheque I write (of either currency with a minimum fee of £3/$5). If you're interested in this service on a regular or ad hoc basis then please contact me.

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