It's the most eagerly anticipated DVD boxset of the year - the ultimate nine-disc limited edition Alien Quadrilogy, containing all four Alien movies (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, plus Ridley Scott's 2003 Alien Director's Cut), digitally remastered and with over 40 hours of bonus material. Priced £69.99, it's out to buy on 8 December 2003 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment - but thanks to those kindly beings at Fox, I, Tharg The Benevolent, have four copies to give away absolutely free!

This massive collection will have every Alien fan drooling like a xenomorph - each movie is presented in both its theatrical and extended versions and is stuffed with pre-production artwork, behind-the-scenes documentaries, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, special effects segments, storyboards and trailers. It's an exhaustive package that leaves no stone unturned on the entire Alien saga, from initial concept to lasting influence - and now you can grab a copy for yourself! The lucky Earthlet whose name I pull out of the Betelgeusian headgear will not only win an Alien Quadrilogy boxset, but also a Chilli Egg fridge - ideal for storing those necessary lube infusions during a mammoth DVD session - and a copy of David Thomson's The Alien Quartet. The three runners-up will get the boxset and the book.

To stand a chance of winning this truly zarjaz prize, just answer this acid-bleedingly easy question:

This competition closed on 21st January, 2004.