This here is the Foundry Miniatures version of the fellow.

He's not cheap at 8.50 but when you consider he's 50mm its not too bad. Just don't send away for one - 7.00 p&p! - I picked my one up from the premises while in Nottingham.

It's not a bad pose, except that he doesn't stand up and he's looking too far down. To get round this problem I made the base featured. It's the lid of a Nescafe coffee jar filled with Plaster Of Paris. On the top I put a large lump of Milliput, moved it around till I was happy then pressed Hammerstien on at an angle so he'd be upright. I then pressed in small bits of cork which, when painted, look a lot like rocks.

For his colour scheme I used Kevin Walker's art for reference. Its not till you start painting that all the detail pops right out (the photo doesn't do it justice - the sculpt is easily on par with the Games workshop boys).

I'm pretty happy with him - I just wish they'd pull their fingers out and put out the whole of the 2K range they keep promising.