Zenith: Reprints

Phase I
2000AD original progs: 535-550
The Best Of 2000AD Monthly: 99-100
Fleetway Quality: “Zenith: Phase I” 1-3
Titan: “Zenith Book 1” - out of print
Rebellion: “Zenith Phase I” - held unreleased in warehouse due to on-going legal issues. Don't hold your breath.

2000AD original progs: 558-559, 2000AD Winter Special 1988, 2000AD Annual 1990
Never been reprinted.

Phase II
2000AD original progs: 589-606
The Best Of 2000AD Monthly: 110-111
Fleetway Quality: “Zenith: Phase II” 1-3
Titan: “Zenith Book 2” and “Zenith Book 3” - out of print

Phase III
2000AD original progs: 626-634, 650-662, 667-670
Titan: “Zenith Book 3” and “Zenith Book 4” - out of print

Phase IV
2000AD original progs: 791-806
Never been reprinted.

Seizing the Fire