Written by John Wagner & Alan Grant
Art and cover by Ian Gibson

Rebellion Solicitation: Sam Slade is the 22nd century's greatest robo-hunter - if your droid has disappeared or there's a cyborg on the loose, he's the man to call. Now, he's been employed by the British Government, and he's facing musical lunacy on every side during National Song Week...

On sale January 2006 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 192 pg, B&W, 11.99 UK, $17.99 US

This volume reprints:

The Filby Case, 7 episodes, progs 266-272 (May to July 1982). Story by Grant, art by Gibson.

The Killing of Kidd, 7 episodes, progs 275-281 (July to Sept. 1982). Story by Wagner & Grant, art by Gibson.

Football Crazy, 6 episodes, progs 283-288 (Sept. to Oct. 1982). Story by Wagner & Grant, art by Gibson.

Play it Again, Sam, 16 episodes, progs 292-307 (Nov. 1982 to Mar. 1983). Story by Wagner & Grant, art by Gibson.

Commentary: forthcoming

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