Character created by Alan Grant & Dean Ormston
13 episodes: 1994-95

Another female psi-judge in Mega-City One, Karyn was introduced in the Dredd adventure "Raptaur" in 1991. She came to prominence during the Megazine's second volume, when Psi-Judge Anderson left the force for a time. Her solo series was most notable for Adrian Salmon's stark artwork, with all blacks-on-whites, without any shading or gradiants. Karyn has periodically appeared with Judge Dredd in his Megazine strip, but did not shown up in the weekly 2000 AD until 2004's "Gulag" story.

Reprinted? This series has not been reprinted. You'll need the original Megs.

Beautiful Evil, 1 episode [6 pgs], 1994 Judge Dredd Mega-Special #7 (June 1994). Story by John Freeman, art by Adrian Salmon.

Skinner, 6 episodes [36 pgs], Judge Dredd Megazine vol.2 #56-61 (June to Aug. 1994). Story by Freeman, art by Salmon.

Concrete Sky, 6 episodes [36 pgs], Judge Dredd Megazine vol.2 #67-72 (Nov. 1994 to Feb. 1995). Story by Freeman, art by Salmon.


2000 AD version adapted by Alan McKenzie & Brett Ewins
11 episodes: 1992-93

A new series for a classic comics character: Tim Kelly, the indestructible man, had appeared in anthology titles like Knockout and Vulcan, and by reintroducing him in the pages of Universal Soldier, McKenzie apparently hoped to start a new franchise. Public disinterest in the story (and its boring cliffhangers) meant Kelly would not appear again. It was later learned that Fleetway did not actually have the copyright on this, and several other old IPC comics heroes which were believed to have been acquired in a media merger, but happily the incident did not lead to ugly lawsuits.

Reprinted? This series has never been reprinted. If you were a betting man, you might look forward to a collection of 1960s episodes appearing in print before this revamp.

His Majesty's Service, 1 episode [? pgs], 2000 AD Action Special (Mar. 1992). Story by Alan McKenzie, art by Brett Ewins.

Armed Response, 10 episodes [60 pgs], progs 821-830 (Feb. to Apr. 1993). Story by McKenzie, art by Ewins.


Creators: Nigel Long & Jim McCarthy
8 episodes: 1995-96

This was the first original series by "Kek-W," aka Nigel Long, after some one-shots and work with others' characters. It was not successful.

Reprinted? This series has not been reprinted. You'll need the original progs.

Kid CyBorg, 8 episodes [48 pgs], progs 972-979 (Dec. 1995 to Feb. 1996). Story by "Kek-W" (Nigel Long), art by Jim McCarthy & "Mann."


Creators: Steve Moore, Staz Johnson & David Roach
9 episodes: 2001

Killer, 9 episodes [45 pgs], 2000 AD progs 1264-1272 (Oct. to Dec. 2001). Story by Steve Moore, art by Staz Johnson & David Roach.


Creators: Dan Abnett & Richard Elson
20 episodes: 2006-present


Reprinted? This story has not yet been reprinted. You'll need the original progs.

Kingdom, 9 episodes [60 pgs], 2000 AD "Prog 2007" and progs 1518-1525 (Dec. 2006 to Mar. 2007). Story by Dan Abnett, art by Richard Elson. (pt 1 double-length)

The Promised Land, 11 episodes [70 pgs], 2000 AD "Prog 2008" and progs 1567-1576 (Dec. 2007 to Mar. 2008). Story by Dan Abnett, art by Richard Elson. (pt 1 double-length)


Creators: Steve Parkhouse & Anthony Williams
15 episodes: 1992

This story was announced over two years before it ran, probably because it's one of the worst moments of the book. Paced very badly, it all feels like it takes place in one night, and then we learn at the end weeks have passed. There's some weird Batman parody of two useless costumed crimefighters that pop in twice with no explanation. Honestly, you could delete episodes 6-10 and not miss a thing, there's that much pointless running around. And who in the name of Robert Woodruff would drink a “smokey maple”-flavored cola? Ewwww!

Kola Kommandos, 15 episodes [75 pgs], progs 780-794 (Apr. to Aug. 1992). Story by Steve Parkhouse, art by Anthony Williams.

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