Wyvern the 2CV

When I first bought a car I wanted a DS, but that wasn't really financially possible. Being a francophile and wanting a car with a unique style, that left just one other choice - a 2CV! Actually I did seriously consider getting a Beetle but being about to go to France for a year tipped the balance.  Over the years I have found that, while the DS is the most beautiful car in the world, the 2CV is one of the most versatile. The ability to remove the boot lid, roof and seats means that just about anything will fit if you try hard enough.

Here are some of my favourite photos of Wyvern (pron. Wivn (sic)). Click on the thumbnails for larger versions. All photos are copyright Wakefield Carter, but the artwork on Wyvern's boot-lid is copyright Rafael Morant 1989.

The boot lid Carrying a windsurfer
In a snowdrift In a jungle
In a snowdrift Full to the brim

Wyvern has a second-hand Dyane engine and a new galvanised chassis with a ten year guarantee. I changed the doors to burgandy (from a Charleston which is the style I would have liked to buy in the first place (given that I didn't think I could get one in black)), and then in August 1998 to red (doors, wings and bonnet). He now (July, 1999) has a new Wendy roof in red and white stripes. In theory I could end up with no original parts, but it could still be Wyvern so long as not too many parts are changed at once. Even the boot lid may eventually have to be replaced (there's a small tear on the hinge which may get bigger), in which case I'd probally go for a new painting rather than a copy of the old one.


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