Lovelace Carter Family History

The origin of the Lovelace Carter family is Thomas Carter of Robertstown, Co. Meath, whose services at the Bloodless Revolution of 1688 were considerable. At the battle of the Boyne in 1690 he grabbed a load of books and papers from James II and his secretaries when they were fleeing from the scene of the battle. Thomas subsequently became an MP and Sergeant at Arms, married Margaret Houghton and later Isabella, daughter of Matthew Boynton and widow of Wentworth, 4th Earl of Rosecannon.

Thomas' descendants are very fully documented in "Burkes Landed Gentry of Ireland" and in the more recently published "Burkes Irish Family Records".

Questions remaining unanswered.

  1. Did Thomas get his land and position as a result of his services to William III or was he already well established in Ireland? There was a Rev. John Carter of West Meath whose arms were almost identical to Thomas' and he was granted them about 100 years earlier.
  2. Did Thomas also have land in England, possibly in East Devon? It is also suggested that the family originated in Yorkshire. Most Irish records were destroyed in the troubles of the early 20th century, so it is difficult to prove anything.
  3. Did Thomas swim the Boyne with the key of the castle? The nearest town, Drogheda, was about five miles away and didn't feature in the battle, which was insignificant (only a few hundred were killed). William's 35,000 easily outnumbered James' 22,000 and the latter's infantry all ran away in the first five minutes.

In the 1830 volume of (either "Burke's Irish Family Records" or "Landed Irish Gentry" - not sure which) there is an entry that Thomas Carter of Robertstown was "a distinguished partisan of William at Derry and the Boyne." Derry has at least two rivers flowing through it and it could have been there that Thomas helped capture the tower by swimming across the river with the keys.

Thomas Carter is reputed to have had two other children, in addition to the three shown in "Burkes Landed Gentry", namely John and William. This John [1] is reputed to have had a son John [2] born about 1723, and from here there is a definite pedigree down to the present.

John Carter [2] (Thomas' grandson) suddenly appears in Aylesbeare, Devon. On 8 Jan 1758 he married Caroline Locke (d. 23 July 1796) daughter of the Rev. Edward Locke, late vicar of Aylesbeare. They were married by the Rev. John Lovelace, vicar of Aylesbeare from 1741 to 1768, who himself had married the Rev. Locke's eldest daughter, Anna-Maria, in 1742. Anna-Maria Locke was born at Thursdon on 3 May 1725 when her father was vicar there.

John Carter of Aylesbeare was born in Exeter in 1722, son of John Carter. If there is a link with Ireland John Carter must be a so far undiscovered son of Thomas Carter M.P. of Robertstown Co. Meath but with Irish records destroyed and the Carter pedigree in "Burkes Landed Gentry" showing Thomas as having only one son, Thomas and two daughters, how do you prove it?

Lovelace Education Trust

There was a celebrated Exeter clock-maker called Jacob Lovelace, who died in 1755 after spending his later years with his son in Aylesbeare (presumably Rev. John). Details of Jacob can be found in "Devonshire Clockmakers" by T.K. Bellchambers and also in "Devonshire Celebrities" by T.L. Pridham.

Rev. John Lovelace had a son, John Lovelace, born 1743, who died in Spain in 1803 (according to a note in the Aylesbeare Resister). The Lovelace Trust was founded under his will, dated 13 Dec 1801.

About 1877 the Trust was the subject of a High Court action (I believe the Lovelace family challenged it for some reason) but all was well and the terms were affirmed whereby male relatives of Thomas Carter were afforded assistance in education to a certain figure. The Trust was managed by Jacksons, solicitors of Exeter, and Ware Ward used to audit the accounts. The Lovelace line is believed to have died out with John's death in Spain in 1803.

It is believed that John lent money to finance trade with America and a ship carried silver from Spain and goods for America. John Lovelace is said to have had a silver mine in Spain. Anyway he made enough money to set up the Trust. All the early papers were destroyed in the Exeter Blitz. The earliest document left is a copy of the High Court Judgement of 7 Feb 1887 formally setting up a scheme for operating Lovelace's charity. The case heard in Chancery was between the Attorney General and various people as defendents, including Thomas Lovelace, William Lovelace, several people called Bowling, Thomas John Lovelace and James Bowden Lovelace. At that time the funds held in court comprised 10,382 in Consols and 600 odd in cash. Unfortunately the investment stayed in Consols until recent times, and the present income of the trust is now only a little over 250!

Jacob Lovelace
(Exeter clockmaker)
Rev. Edward Locke m25/3/1722 Anne Mrs Sharpe
Rev. John Lovelace m1742 Anna Maria Locke Caroline Locke m1758 John Carter [2] (of Aylesbeare)
John Lovelace (1743-1803)
(Founder Lovelace Trust)

Back to the John Carter [2]. What brought him to Aylesbeare?? He appears to have been a man of property and well respected. If one could find out it might be possible to prove the Irish connection. A look through the land records at the Devon Record office might help.

A further clue comes down from an old notebook belonging to John's son, Edward (1768-1803). Referring to John's death it says "died at Bristol, Mon. 28 Feb, 1789, was brought down to Bishop's Court, Ottery St. Mary and was buried the 4th March following at Aylesbeare, aged about 66 years". Now what was John doing in Bristol (quite a journey in those days)? Bristol was a port for Ireland. Was John on his way there, or coming back? Who knows.

Bishop's Court was once one of the ancient mansions of Ottery St. Mary but by 1851 was just a farm house. Some of John's descendants lived ar Ottery until recent times.

The famous poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was born at Ottery in 1772, his father was the vicar. Dora Lovelace Carter, daughter of George Coplestone Lovelace Carter (1869-1936) of Gosford House, Ottery, married in 1934 Hon. John Seymour Duke Coleridge, second son of the third Baron Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary.

John Carter's children were:

1 John 6 Nov 1759 - 1783 Presumed unmarried
2 Anna Maria 13 Nov 1762 m Rev. Richard Honiditch
3 Anne m 22 Apr 1806 at Heavitree John Wolland
4 Thomas 2 June 1765 - 1842 m 8 Jan 1787 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Coplestone of Woodland
5 Edward [3] 5 May 1768 - April 1803 m 23 June 1791 Elizabeth daughter of William Seaman solicitor of Honiton

Edward Carter [3] was baptised 5 May 1768 at Aylesbeare. Love letters written by Edward in 1787 and 1788 to Elizabeth Seaman make it clear that he thought he was suffering from an incurable illness. In the event, he did not die until 1803 when he was 35, and in the meantime married Elizabeth at Honiton. Elizabeth was about 4 or 5 years older than Edward and was the daughter of William Seaman and Elizabeth Youatt, who were married at Colyton on 2 July 1755.

Edward also became a solicitor and died at Honiton. Elizabeth moved to Exmouth after his death and died there on 21 Jan 1855, being buried in Littleham churchyard on 29 Jan.

Notwithstanding his poor health, Edward had four children: John, Edward, Anne and Mary. John [4] became a chemist/druggist. He married at St. Mary Steps, Exeter, 18 March 1820 to Elizabeth Fowler. John lived in Tower Street Exmouth for many years. Died 13 March 1870. Buried at Littleham 20 March. His wife, Elizabeth, was born in Honiton circa 1796/7. Died Exmouth 21 April 1872 (aged 75) at her son John's home and was buried at Littleham on 28 April.

In John's [4] will he left everything, including 3, 4 & 5 Albion Street to his "dear wife, Elizabeth" who was his executrix. The censuses of 1841, 51, 61, show a huge family all living together. All attempts to trace Elizabeth's baptism, and thus her pedigree, have failed. John Carter and Elizabeth Fowler had two sons (Alfred Augustus [5] and Thomas) and four daughters. He set up in business as a chemist at the junction of North Street and Exeter Road.

Alfred Augustus Carter [5](John's elder son) married in 1857 to Jane Mary Barrett of Mountain Farm. He was educated at the modest establishment of M. Mahany, a musical Irishman, in Bicton Street, and developed into a brilliant accountant. He also did more towards the development of the Withycombe side of Exmouth than any other man. He was a notable chairman of Exmouth School Board. One of the first members elected to Exmouth Urban Council in 1894 and became chairman in 1899-1900. His son, John [6], was three times chairman in 1913/14, 1914/15 and 1933/34.

John Carter [6] married at Withycombe on 20 Feb 1883. Ellen Ann Balmanno 'Nellie', born in Exmouth circa 1861, daughter of Edward Hoppin Balmanno, a master-mariner. She died 8 July 1896 aged 34. He then married "Exmouth Grannie" who had been his housekeeper (name Florence?). He had a number of children described below.

George Edward Lovelace Carter [7] 'Grimp' born 1886 joined the Indian Civil Service and married Ivy Octavia Wakefield in India returning to Budleigh Salterton in Devon with their four young children John [8], Mary, Priscilla and Ruth c 1924 died 1974
Alfred John was born circa 1888, killed in action in France 13 May 1917. Buried Arras, France aged 29.
Henry Seaman was born in 1891, buried at Withycombe on 21 April 1943. An excellent cricketer.
Arthur Lovelace was born in 1895, died 14 March 1896.
John Lovelace was born in 1896. Passed out of Royal Military College, Sandhurst in 1914. Was a Captain and adjutant attached to 37 Divisional Train (Army Service Corps). Mentioned in Dispatches and won the Military Cross. Contracted TB in France and died at an army sanitorium, Wokingham 18 April 1918.

Edited from an original by Dordie Carter (1913-1995).

Family Tree

It is uncertain that John Carter 1, father of John Carter 12 is in fact a son of Thomas Carter of Robertstown thus all persons in italics may not be related to the descendants of John Carter (1722-89) and Caroline Locke (1730-96)
Numbers are generations from Thomas Carter. Bold Type are direct family of Richard and Ursula Carter
Many details from Michael Lovelace Browning, Bristol FHS

Thomas Carter (of Robertstown, Co.Meath) (1666-) m1681 Margaret/Mary?Houghton (1660?-) m1702/1706? Isabella Boynton (1668?-1721) (widow of Wentworth 4th Earl of Rosecannon)
1 Thomas Carter (1694?-1763) m1719 Mary Claxton (1700?-)
12 Thomas Carter (-1765) m Anna Maria Armytage
123 Mary (Anna Maria) Carter m
12 Henry Boyle Carter (-1790) m1750 Susanna Sheen (widow of James Wynne)
123 Thomas Carter (1753-) m1783 Catherine Butler
1234 William Henry Carter (1783-1859) m1809 Elizabeth Brable (-1820) m1846 Francis Deane Bootble (-1858)
12345 Thomas Shaen Carter (1813-1875) m1842 Maria S. Tilson (-1868)
12345 Susanna Carter (-1856) m1846 Francis Sindleir Prettie (1811-1867)
1234 John Carter (1785-1863) m1833 Julia Adery Georges (-1868)
1234 Thomas Carter (-1865)
1234 Margaret Carter m1810 James John Hamilton (1783-1842)
123 Arthur Carter (-1803)
123 Henry Carter (-1837)
123 Mary Carter m1778 John Kirwan
12 Frances Carter m Philip Tungsden m James Johnstone
123 Frances Tungsten m George Bubbry
12 Susan Carter m Thomas Trotter
12 Mary Carter
1 Mary Carter
1 Joanna Carter

1 John Carter (-1736)
....................1 Rev Edward Locke m25/3/1722 Anne Mrs Sharpe
........................................1 Jacob Lovelace (Exeter Clockmaker)
....................12 Anna Maria Locke m1742 Rev John Lovelace
....................123 John Lovelace (1743-1803) (Founder Lovelace Trust)
....................12 Caroline Locke (1730-1796) m8/1/1758 John Carter (1722-1789)
12 John Carter (1722-1789) m8/1/1758 Caroline Locke (1730-1796)
123 John Carter (1759-1783)
123 Anna Maria Carter (1762-1836) m Rev. Richard Honiditch (1767-1846)
123 Anne Carter (1762-1851) m1806 John Wolland (1749-1810)
123 Thomas Carter (1765-1842) m1787 Elizabeth Coplestone (1763-1845)
1234 Edward Carter (1806-1888) m1851 Elizabeth Burnell (1786-1871)
12345 Thomas Edward Carter (1833-1914) m1855 Amelia Ann Bird(1831-1878)
123456 George Coplestone Lovelace Carter (1868-1937) m1904 Dora Margaret Snell (1883-1968)
1234567 Dora Lovelace Carter m1934 John Seymour Duke Coleridge ,Hon.(1908-1955)
............................12 William Seaman & Elizabeth Youatt
123 Edward Carter (1768-1803) m1791 Elizabeth Seaman (1763-1855)
1234 John Carter (1792-1870) m1820 Elizabeth Fowler (1797-1872)
12345 Eliza Carter (1820-1869) m1843 James Tozer (1819-) (?cousin? of Elizabeth Tozer wife of Ed Balmano)
123456 John Lovelace Tozer (1844-)
123456 James Lovelace Tozer (1846-) m Louise Veat
1234567 Charles William Lovelace Tozer (1874-) m1897 Bessie Drew (1872-)
12345678 Olive Mary Lovelace Tozer (1899-)
1234567 Emma Mary Lovelace Tozer (1875-1875)
1234567 Henry James Lovelace Tozer
1234567 Amelia Jane Lovelace Tozer
12345678 Albert Edward Tozer (1900-)
123456 Emma Mary Lovelace Tozer (1847-1849)
123456 Hannah Maria Lovelace Tozer (1850-1855)
123456 Henry Lovelace Tozer (1852-)
123456 Jane Tozer (1854-)
123456 Eliza Tozer (1860-)
123456 Charles William Lovelace Tozer (1863-1870)
12345 Edward John Carter (1822-1883) m1846 Kitty Totterdale Skinner (1819-1856) m Nancy Skinner (1812-1888) m Caroline Austin (nee Ellis)(1829-1907)
123456 Frank Edward Carter (1847-1917) m1876 Thirza Eliza Norman (1848-1934)
1234567 Edward John Carter (1877-1966) m Honour Sharples m1939 Evelyn Chapman
12345678 Edward John Carter (1940-) m Monica
1234567 Emily Kate Carter (1879-1923)
1234567 Norman Lovelace Carter (1880-1955) m1909 Augusta Jane Abbott(1884-1951)
12345678 Mary Lovelace Carter (1911-) m1935 Harold Lewis Browning(1905-1963)
123456789 Michael Lovelace Browning (Bristol Family History) (1937-2006) m1965 Anna Lynne White (1943-)
1234567890 Georgina Alison Browning (1967-)
1234567890 Juliet Sally Lovelace Browning (1970-)
1234567890 Jemma Madeleine Browning (1974-)
123456789 Anne Lovelace Browning (1940-) m1962 Bernard Smith
12345678 Norman Lovelace Carter (1913-) m Irene King
12345678 Frank Edward Carter (1922-1969) m Pamela Symons
123456789 Brian Edward Carter m1968 Jane Strudwull
1234567890 Bridget Lovelace Carter (1971-)
1234567890 Benjamin Edward Lovelace Carter (1977-)
123456789 Susan Carter m1975 Richard Hern
1234567 Alan John Carter (1883-1883)
1234567 Dorothy Lovelace Carter 'Kit' (1885-1970)
1234567 Eliza Lovelace Carter m Rev. Andrew Thompson
12345678 Frank Andrew Thompson
12345678 Douglas Thompson
12345678 Margaret Lovelace Thompson
12345678 Dorothy Lovelace Thompson m1949 Dr. Frank Budden
123456789 Dr. Margaret Budden
123456789 Frank Budden (1955-)
123456789 Mark Budden
123456789 Jill Budden
1234567 Harold Lovelace Carter m Theresa
1234567 Margery Carter m John Mitchell
1234567 Alan Frank Carter (1889-1955) m Vida Minnie Langbridge (1888-1955)
12345678 John Alan Lovelace Carter m Elizabeth
123456789 Alison Carter (1962-)
1234567 Norah Carter m John Phillips
12345678 John Phillips m
12345678 Frank Phillips m Joy
123456 Emily Lovelace Carter (1848-) m John Robert Melhuish
1234567 Edward John Melhuish m
12345678 Barbara Melhuish
123456 Louisa Maria Carter (1856-)
12345 Anna Maria Carter (1824-1849) m1847 John Thorne (1824-)
12345 Thomas William Carter (1826-1895)
12345 Henry Seaman Carter (1828-)
....................1234 John Barrett (Farmer Mountain Farm Exmouth) (1800- ) m Jane (1796- )
12345 Alfred Augustus Carter (1831-1907) m1857 Jane Mary Barrett(1834-1896)
123456 Elizabeth Carter (1857-1860)
123456 John Carter (1860-1860)
....................123 David Balmano (b Scotland c 1774) m 20/2/1796 Sarah Hopping
....................1234 John Balmano (27/5/1810- 2)(master mariner) m Ann (1817- )
....................1234 John Tozer (Carpenter Exmouth)(1796- ) m Mary (1794- )
....................12345 Edward Hopping Balmano (16/4/1835- (Master mariner) m Elizabeth Tozer (1835- )
....................12345 Ann Balmano (1842- )
....................12345 Elizabeth Dove Balmano (1847- )
....................123456 Ellen Ann Balmano (1862-1896) m 1883 John Carter (1862-1938)
....................123456 Elizabeth Balmano (1867- )
....................123456 Edward Balmano (1869- )
....................123456 Amy Balmano (1882- )
123456 John Carter (1862-1938) m1883 Ellen Ann Balmano (1862-1896) m Lousanna Florence Elliott?(1877-1964)
1234567 George Edward Lovelace Carter 'Grimp' ICS(1886-1974) m1914 Ivy Octavia Mary Wakefield 'Didding' (1885-1967)
12345678 LtCol John Edward Lovelace Carter MBE MC RE (1916-1957) m1943
Dorothy Isabel Mathison 'Dordie' or 'Gar' (1913-1995)
123456789 John Mathison Lovelace Carter (1944-) m1966 Lesley Yates-Fish (1947-) m1994 Sara Louise Clayton
1234567890 John-Marc Lovelace Carter (1968-) m2007 Nejla Wallace
12345678901 Troy Touran Carter (2004-)
1234567890 Julia Frances Lovelace Carter (1970-) m1998 Nicholas Davey
12345678901 Christopher Andrew Davey (1997-)
12345678901 Francesca Joanna Davey (1999-)
12345678901 Beth Rachel Davey (2001-)
1234567890 Joanna Elizabeth Lovelace Carter (1972-) m1997 William David Unwin
1234567890 James Laurence Lovelace Carter (1976-)
123456789 Richard Wakefield Lovelace Carter (1946-) m1967 Ursula Whitford Poole (1943-)
Wakefield Lovelace Carter (1968-) m1999 Emma Elizabeth Hanks (1971-)
12345678901 Finlay Thomas Lovelace Carter (2002-)
12345678901 Freya Gillan Lovelace Carter (2004-)
1234567890 Duncan Lovelace Carter (1970-)+
Jayne Jenkins (m1997 Alan Wilkes) m2005 L. Clare Melbourne
12345678901 Niamh Joanne Wilkes (1995-)
12345678901 Matilda Hope Lovelace Carter (2007-)
1234567890 Edward Lovelace Carter (1971-)
m J. Aurelia Helz Perry
1234567890 Matthew Lovelace Carter (1974-)
m2005 Samantha Lee Pretorius
123456789 Elizabeth Dorothy Lovelace Carter (1949-)
12345678 Elizabeth Mary Lovelace Carter (1917-) m James R. Hodgson
123456789 Robert Hodgson m Barbara
1234567890 Louise Hodgson(1986-)
1234567890 Stephen Hodgson (1989-)
1234567890 Celia Hodgson(1990-)
1234567890 Sarah Hodgson(1993-)
123456789 Christopher Hodgson m Linda m Rowena
123456789 Simon Hodgson m Sonia
1234567890 Georgina Hodgson
12345678 Priscilla Marjorie Lovelace Carter (1920-) m1940 Alfred Graham MacMullen m1968 John Gordon Hull
123456789 John Frederick MacMullen (1941-) m1965 Rosemary U. Bryson m Ann
1234567890 Neil Patrick MacMullen (1966-)+Helen
12345678901 Isobel Macmullen (1997- )
12345678901 Joseph Macmullen (2000- )
1234567890 Emma-Clare MacMullen (1968-) m Gary Headland
12345678901 Jack Headland (1993- )
12345678901 Harry Headland (1995- )
123456789 Francis Guy MacMullen (1944-) m Josephine Jackson
1234567890 Simon James MacMullen (1975-)
1234567890 Timothy George MacMullen (1979-)
123456789 David Graham MacMullen (1946-) m1966 Susan P. Clarke m Susan Martin
1234567890 James Alexander MacMullen (1967-)m Karin
12345678901 Zoe Macmullen (1999- )
1234567890 Anna Christie MacMullen (1974-)
123456789 Andrew Lovelace MacMullen (1948-) m Linda Jenkins
1234567890 Graham Howard MacMullen (1974-)
1234567890 Ian MacMullen (1976-)
123456789 Michael Edward MacMullen (1950-) m1970 Mary C. Pegg
1234567890 Catherine Priscilla MacMullen (1972-)
1234567890 Jennifer Ruth MacMullen (1973-)
1234567890 Frances Penrose MacMullen (1978-)
1234567890 Helen Lovelace MacMullen (1980-)
123456789 Philip Henry MacMullen (1952-) m1976 Betty K. Robson
1234567890 Ciara MacMullen(1984-)
1234567890 Ruth MacMullen (1982-)
1234567890 Rosa Macmullen (1995-)
12345678 Ruth Ellen Lovelace Carter (1921-) m1951 William Leslie Hitchings
123456789 William Owen Hitchings (1952-) m1974 Pauline Mary Gliddon (1952-)
1234567890 Andrew William Hitchings (1980-)
1234567890 Rebecca Jane Hitchings (1982-)
1234567890 Thomas James Hitchings(1985-)
1234567 Lt Alfred John Carter (1888-1917) m1915 Alma Lillian Rew (1881-1962)
12345678 Margaret Carter (1916-)
123456789 Robin Nicholas Carter (1956-)
123456789 Helen Margaret Carter (1958-)
1234567 Henry Seaman Carter (1891-1943)
1234567 Amy Balmano Carter (1893-1973) m1917 Harold Tucker (1891-1961)
12345678 Pilot Officer John Lovelace Tucker (1918-1944) m1941/42 Emma Annie Norman
123456789 Frances Carter (1943-) m1963 Richard Phillip Ottewell (1941-)
1234567890 Mary Anne Ottewell (1967-)
1234567890 Angela Leslie Ottewell (1969-)
1234567 Arthur Lovelace Carter (1895-1895)
1234567 Captain John Lovelace Carter MC (1896-1918)
123456 Henry Seaman Carter(1865-1950) m1893 Emily Sophie Bull (1861-1941) m1942 Laura Karen Bull (1866-1950)
1234567 William Henry Seaman Carter (1895-1916)
1234567 Mary Lovelace Carter (1905-1905)
123456 Elizabeth Carter (1868-1929) m1906 Walter George Morris (1873-1960)
1234567 Elizabeth Lovelace Morris (1913-) m1936 Arthur Reginald Whitehead (1906-1960)
12345678 Peter John Whitehead (1939-) m1961 Jacqueline Kemp (1938-)
123456789 Stephanie Peta Whitehead (1964-)
123456789 Christina Lea Whitehead (1966-1999)
12345678 Ann Elizabeth Whitehead (1943-) m1966 Andrew Thomas Scrivener(1939-)
123456789 Sara Helen Scrivener (1972-)
123456789 Katherine Claire Scrivener (1974-)
123456 Alfred Augustus Barrett Carter (1877-1920) m Evelyn Frazier (-1954)
123456 William Carter (1880-1962) m Florence Ada Donneth (1887-1966)
12345 Charles Lovelace Carter (1830-) m Margaret Maria
123456 John Lovelace Carter (1870-)
12345 Sophie Ann Lovelace Carter (1835-1906) m1860 James Thorne (1835-1897)
123456 Fanny Lovelace Thorne (1861-1870)
123456 Sophie Ann Lovelace Thorne (1867-1924) m Salter
1234567 Anne Salter (1888-1904)
12345 Emma Mary Lovelace Carter (1837-1880)
12345 Fanny Lovelace Carter (1841-189?)
1234 Edward Carter (1794-1794)
1234 Ann Carter (1797-1836)
1234 Mary Carter (1802-1802)
123 Caroline Carter (1769-) m Burnell Townsend
1 William Carter

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