During the year I lived in Poitiers, my then girlfriend (and I) had a cat called Djinn. We used to take her for walks and she'd follow us. Once I crossed a brook (there was a log) and Djinn started meuling (miowing in French). Fabienne put Djinn next to the brook and I called her name. She crossed on the log but fell off and got her feet wet at my end. I recrossed and started calling for her again. This time she climbed up an overhanging tree and I had to climb up after her to bring her down.

Djinn the catfish

Djinn used to climb up Fabienne and I and sit on our shoulders if she was scared...which was the result when we showed her the mediteranian at Cannes. Painful!

She was called Djinn because the first thing she did when Fabienne brought her home was go onto my denim jacket (French = vest en jean). She called her Jean, and then Gin which I respelled when I got home.

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