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Oxford Brookes University

OPAC: Library catalogue
Quality of life following traumatic brain injury by Koen Jacobs
Psychology Department

University of Oxford

OLIS: Library catalogue
Department of Experimental Psychology
Exeter College
Exeter College Boat Club by William Wadsworth
Exeter College Boat Club: Women's Senior Crews by Wakefield Carter
Oxford University Rowing Clubs (OURCs)
Oxford Rowing
Coxing pages by Rachel Quarrell
Oxford Blues (Ice Hockey Club) by Michael Talbot
Oxford University Women's Ice Hockey Club by Wakefield Carter
Oxford University Ice Hockey Clubs by by Joel Bellman
Oxford Inline Skating by Gordon McGregor
Oxford University Role Playing Games Society

Université de Poitiers

ABSYS WEB: Library catalogue

University of Cambridge

UL Online: Library catalogue
Physics (Cavendish Laboratory)
Department of Experimental Psychology
Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
Cambridge University Role-Playing Society: That which was spawned from CUD&DS.

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