Dark Horse Comics STAR WARS Art work


X-Wing Rogue Squadron Battleground Tatooine

1 of 4 - NOT FOR SALE

2 of 4 - 1250

3 of 4 - 48 x 32 cm NOT FOR SALE

4 of 4 - 900

Cover artwork - on board - NOT FOR SALE
Jabba the Hut - The Hunger of Princess Nampi

Cover artwork - SOLD
X-Wing Rogue Squadron The Warrior Princess 1 of 4

26 x 19 cm on 220mg art card

Boba Fett - 27 x 21 cm 2500
Signed by Jeremy Bulloch as shown below

Boba Fett - SOLD
Signed by Jeremy Bulloch in border

Bossk - SOLD

900 (US$1600)

AT AT Driver - SOLD

Death Star - 900

A3 art board

Padme - SOLD (£250)
Pencil and watercolour wash


All artwork is fully painted using acrylics on on card and larger than A3 unless otherwise specified.
Commissions are available but only in pencil and inks or watercolours, not acrylics.
Prices do not include postage. I can accept US$ (bank money orders and PayPal) as well as Sterling.
Please email me at if you would like further information or you are interested in buying any of these pages.

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